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Recently, I commented about the banality of evil. The devil’s work is often a bureaucratic one. A good example is the “Citizenship Law (Temporary Order)” of the State of Israel, which dates– in its actual version – back to September 2005. From the days of its previous version (2003) it is being approved temporarily by the Israeli government every year. In 2006, by five judges of the High Court of Justice, stated that the law contravened the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Freedom and that it must be removed from the law books. Yet, it is being extended in an extra-parliamentary fashion every year since then.


Citizenship | Israeli State Inverts Principles of Law

It doesn’t override the “Law of Return,” a racist monster giving automatic citizenship to every Jew arriving at Israel (the question “Who is a Jew?” was never answered by the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament), thus this younger law is aimed mainly to regulate the status of non-Jews asking for Israeli citizenship; it specifically discriminates Arabs. To be clear to those ignoring the Israeli racist jargon, that means mainly Palestinians asking for citizenship after having married an Israeli citizen. It stipulates that the Minister of Interior does not have authority to approve Israeli residence for a resident of Judea and Samaria (unless they are Jewish settlers!). This is so even regarding marriage, when it comes to Palestinian spouses who are younger than 35 (men) or 25 (women). The law prevents young Israeli citizens (supposedly Palestinians) from marrying the spouse of their choice and living in Israel, if the last is a Palestinian from Judea and Samaria.

The Citizenship Law is now (March 2010) being questioned at the Israeli Supreme Court on the grounds of being discriminatory. The chances of its being banned by the Supreme Court are slim; during the actual proceedings, Justice Rubinstein (the publication of papers showing his corruption was suppressed by the Israeli media in 2005) claimed that there is no country in the situation of Israel and thus the law is justified. The president of the court, Dorit Beinish, supported this view.

Since it was amended in 2005, 632 requests of citizenship were rejected by the state, on the grounds that the petitioners may use their new status to become terrorists with easier access to Israel. 632 broken families; 1264 new testimonies of Israel’s inhumanity and an unknown number of children that won’t be born.

A lot of irrelevant information is being mentioned by the Israeli media. Invariably, all the politicians, judges and newspapers ignore a basic principle of the law: people are innocent unless proven otherwise. By claiming the applicants may become terrorists, the State of Israel is committing a crime against its very basic principles. This is another byproduct of Israel lacking a constitution, a social contract defining its very principles, and another violation of the conditions imposed by the UN on Israel when granted sovereignty to the state. Another testimony supporting Justice Goldstone (and the UN Human Rights Commission) definition of Israel as a terrorist entity.

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