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The Cross of Bethlehem

The Cross of Bethlehem II

Netanyahu Visits Las Vegas, Israel

This is a desert place, and the time is now past; send the multitude awayMatthew 14:15



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"Ben Gurion's vision was fulfilled in Las Vegas," Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu said on August 7, 2013. Odd statements by Netanyahu are the rule; yet this one was weird even for him. Ben Gurion had been the Prime Minister and became famous for his call to settle the Negev Desert. The call was ignored, though he was buried in the Negev's boiling sands.

Today's statement was uttered while Netanyahu was visiting the Las Vegas complex in the Negev. Having grown up in the USA and being more Republican than Israeli, it is not surprising that one of Netanyhau's largest enterprises is nicknamed after an American city.

Netanyahu Speaking in Las Vegas

Netanyahu Speaking in Las Vegas
The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2013

Threatening Iran, making odd allusions to American cities, and announcing new separation walls, Netanyahu celebrated a key stage in the IDF redeployment.

Las Vegas, Israel

Netanyahu Visiting Las Vegas

Netanyahu Visiting Las Vegas
Eating Las Vegas 2013

D. Y. was an a state informant within the WIS, I described him in The Cross of Bethlehem. In several occasions, he commented about his being a reservist soldier in a small unit at the Tel HaShomer Base.

The unit coordinated between the IDF, the Mossad and the Shin Beth. On every door, they had attached a timetable with the times that American satellites would be able to see the base.

At those times, it was forbidden to take any papers to uncovered spaces; they waited within the rooms until the danger passed. Interestingly, Russian and Chinese satellites were not watched. Maybe something to do with Soviet camaraderie; I never asked.

The point is that over the years, many IDF installations have become to well known and exposed. Ostrovsky described the Mossad Headquarters at the Glilot Junction. Next to it are the Military Intelligence School and a large base of the 8200 Sigint Unit. No secrets here. These and other bases—like the computing center (Mamram) in Ramat Gan —are not very safe and quite accessible.

This was a key reason for the decision taken on June 8, 2010, by the Southern District Committee for Planning and Building—approved the construction of several new intelligence bases in the Negev Desert. These are to be finished until 2017.

The changes are big. The Intelligence Corps would move to the Likit Area, east of Beer Sheva, and west of the Shoket Junction. The Military Intelligence School would be moved to the Negev Junction. Then, the technological intelligence units (that was the term used in the Hebrew media, it refers to the Glilot SIGINT 8200 base) would be relocated near the town of Omer. The last step would include the move of the computing unit (Mamram) next to the Negev University at Beer Sheva.

Most of the IDF instruction bases would be moved into the area as well, releasing expensive land at Tzrifin, near Tel Aviv. This lead to the area to be nicknamed also as "Ba'ad City" (Instruction Bases City).

Overall the cost announced was an amazing 25 billion ILS (roughly $6 billion); Netanyhau now upgraded the data, claiming that the final cost would exceed the $10 billion.

The new "Intelligence Town"—as it has been nicknamed—would include 300,000 built square meters in the low buildings showed in the simulation below. Probably the base would include a large underground facility. All the new IDF strategic bases include large underground facilities. The "Bor" (hole) below the Ministry of Defense is probably the most famous of these, but also "Wing 2" and the Northern Command are largely underground. The latter is below 150 meters (roughly 500 feet) of solid rock.

Israel is too small for the IDF to maneuver within it. The army is now moving deep into the desert to allow that much needed capability. Would that made a difference in case of war? Probably it means that the entrance to the Final Exile in the Sinai Desert would be faster and easier.

However, Netanyahu's speech at the new base expanded on its secondary goals. He also scrapped all previous names, baptizing the area as "Las Vegas;" this nickname will probably stick.

Israeli Las Vegas

Israeli Las Vegas
Planned View of the Intelligence Instruction Base


Surreal Speech

Once Las Vegas become a proper site for a politician to be photographed in, Netanyahu approached it and delivered one of his most surreal speeches. The expected parts commented on the effect this would have on the Negev. Thousands of soldiers would move to the Negev. A larger number of civilians would move after them, providing them with services.

"The Negev would become Israel's Silicon Valley," he said, failing to explain why training and SIGINT bases would achieve this effect. Yet, in the ears of his voters this sounds nice. "Until 2020, this will increase the economic activity of the Negev in $0.5 billion," he added.

Then, he presented his Las Vegas Dream. "We want to materialize the vision of the first Prime Minister, Ben Gurion, to flower the desert...I asked: 'Why? Is this a desert?' [actually, yes] I looked around and saw that in the USA, in the desert cities of Las Vegas and Phoenix, they have the highest growing rate." Hebrew speakers can't easily pronounce "Phoenix," "Las Vegas" was the chosen name for the rest of his speech. Then, he added: "How come Ben Gurion's vision was materialized in Las Vegas and not in the Negev?"

Has Las Vegas been settled by Zionist farmers? Is gambling the Zionist Dream? In his nearby grave, Ben Gurion moved uncomfortably. Hell wasn't a good enough punishment for him, now he had been sentenced to listen to Netanyahu's brute rape of his dream.

He kept explaining why textile factories (which failed in the past) are not suitable for the desert. He kept hitting on the hi-tech drum without explaining why this segment of Israeli industry would leave its comfy Tel Aviv offices. If anywhere, they invariably move to California. "Dimona, Las Vegas, Timbuktu, same same; I love New York" he was thinking while looking at his dismayed listeners.

Sand and Sand

Sand and Sand
Simplifying Las Vegas 2013

Attempting to distract his public from the hellish heat, he hit strategic issues. He threatened Iran, warning it not to continue its nuclear program. This is a topic that he would have mentioned even if inaugurating a kindergarten coffee shop.

Netanyahu disclosed that the Prawer Law expelling Bedouins from their homes was backed by the government due to needs of the Las Vegas Project.

While openly vilified and attacked, African workers have become a cornerstone of Tel Aviv's capability to survive. In recent years, Palestinians from the West Bank have seen their access to the metropolis highly restricted. Their place has been taken mainly by African workers; most of them entered without permits. In 2012, Israel almost completed a new separation wall along its desert border with Egypt. Las Vegas is a complementing barrier.

"The first thing is to avoid the ongoing dripping of infiltrators," he said alluding to the barrier qualities of the new military complex.

"The King is naked!" a famous kid said and entered history. Look around you, Netanyahu, there is only sand and sand.** Netanyahu, you have no proper industry, not even casinos. Netanyahu, you live out of American taxpayers money while kicking others out of their ancestral homes. Netanyhau, you have an army of African slaves doing your dirty jobs and you deny them even their basic rights because you don't want them to do to you what Zionists have made to Palestinians, Bedouins and Druze.

Netanyhau, this is nothing but the brutish, violent hypocrisy of conquest. This is the root of your immorality, this is the root of your illegitimacy.


* When he returned to Israel in the 1980's, Netanyahu spoke Henglish. His Hebrew is so poor, that even his nickname sounds like a joke, see Strategic Sewage.

**In Hebrew, "sand" is a synonym for "valueless" and "common." In a past election campaign, the Shas Shas Haredi party coined a catchy slogan "Right and Left are only sand and sand," meaning secular-Zionist parties are all the same.

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