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A few days ago, I published an article called “Holocaust Day,” in which I analyzed the theological distortions preached by Jews, mainly with respect with the Holocaust. I didn’t expect Israel to cancel the remembrance day due to my article, though I know it was read with interest and even repugnance – let me skip these details. Yet, the level of chutzpah displayed on Sunday (April 11, 2010) during the main ceremony at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem by Benjamin Netanyahu was unprecedented. I want to concentrate in a few words from his speech:

"The second lesson – educate for good – means educating to accept the other and accept different ideas, this is the awareness that lies at the base of Jewish thinking, that each human being is created in the image of God, that each human being has the right to freedom, to life, to choose his own path. … This is how we educate children in the State of Israel, which is a light of tolerance in a region of darkness and zealotry…”

The funny point here is that I had troubles choosing a text showing how Mr. Bibi distorts reality here; and that not because these texts are scarce. Eventually, I chose to cite the Goldstone Report: In Article 1678 the report describes the first visit of the mission to Gaza, and the devastating effects of the operations on the population were, however, unequivocally manifest. In addition to the visible destruction of houses, factories, wells, schools, hospitals, police stations and other public buildings, the sight of families, including the elderly and children, still living amid the rubble of their former dwellings – no reconstruction possible due to the continuing blockade – was evidence of the protracted impact of the operations on the living conditions of the Gaza population. Reports of the trauma suffered during the attacks, the stress due to the uncertainty about the future, the hardship of life and the fear of further attacks, pointed to less tangible but not less real long term effects. The following article states that women were affected in significant ways. In this issue, the report states in article 1683 “that deeds by Israeli forces and words of military and political leaders prior to and during the operations indicate that as a whole they were premised on a deliberate policy of disproportionate force aimed not at the enemy but at the “supporting infrastructure.” In practice, this appears to have meant the civilian population. The report also addresses evil angles of the actual operation. Article 1684 states: “The timing of the first Israeli attack, at 11:30 am on a week day, when children were returning from school and the streets of Gaza were crowded with people going about their daily business, appears to have been calculated to create the greatest disruption and widespread panic among the civilian population. The treatment of many civilians detained or even killed while trying to surrender is one manifestation of the way in which the effective rules of engagement, standard operating procedures and instructions to the troops on the ground appear to have been framed in order to create an environment in which due regard for civilian lives and basic human dignity was replaced with the disregard for basic international humanitarian law and human rights norms.”

Moreover, in an attempt to hide reality, Israel terrorized critiques, as stated in article 1700: “While the Israeli military offensive in Gaza was widely supported by the Israeli public, there were also dissenting voices that expressed themselves through demonstrations, protests, as well as public reporting on Israel’s conduct. The Mission is of the view that actions of the Israeli government during and following the military operations in the Gaza Strip, including interrogation of political activists, repression of criticism and sources of potential criticism of Israeli military actions, in particular non-governmental organizations, have contributed significantly to a political climate in which dissent with the government and its actions in the Occupied Territories is not tolerated. The denial of media access to Gaza and the continuing denial of access to human rights monitors are, in the Mission’s view, an attempt both to remove the Government’s actions in the OPT from public scrutiny and to impede investigations and reporting of the conduct of the parties in the conflict in the Gaza Strip.”

Mr. Bibi, how can these facts be defined – in your own words – as: “each human being has the right to freedom, to life, to choose his own path?” Mr. Bibi, do you realize these are just minor quotes from the almost 600 page long report? Did you read it? How exactly do you educate the children in Israel? They write hate messages on artillery shells and believe their grandparents were made into soap. You have recently been defined as terrorists by the Human Rights Commission of the UN.

Then, in an unexpected shift – probably designed to distract the listeners – he added:

“We are witness today to the new-old fire of hate, hatred of Jews inflamed by organizations and regimes of extremist Islam, most of all Iran and its satellites. … The world accepts Iran's declarations of annihilation and we still don't see the international determination required to prevent Iran arming… I call on the enlightened nations to rise and denounce this intention to destroy, and to act with real determination to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons."


“The historic failure of the free nations before the Nazi beast was in the fact that they did not gather to oppose it in time, when it was still possible to stop it.”

Mr. Bibi, the name of the beast is clear. The Human Rights Commission of the UN recently pointed out who is the beast who should be stopped. Mr. Bibi, do you remember Hyam Ayash? Do you know who Aisha Adnan al-Bahsh was? Or do you care only about Jewish victims from the Warring Family? Can you explain in simple terms – so that a simple mind like mine would understand – what are the values professed by your society? Can you do that without logical contradictions?

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