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The Cross of Bethlehem

The Cross of Bethlehem II

Idris: the West "leave us alone to be killed"

he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him
Proverbs 26:27



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"It is an insult, don't say that, say Hmong, as we call ourselves," the man speaking with me said.

Unsure of how to pronounce "Hmong," I had used the Chinese term. In the following minutes, I got an explanation what does the insulting Chinese word mean.

Despite his age, he was overwhelmingly fit as Hmong often are. That was one of the reasons the Americans had recruited them during the Vietnam War, which they call the American War. Tiny, but absolutely capable of moving the Western mountain separating him from freedom.

The Hmong were foot soldiers during this war, many times serving as guides to American troops and CIA agents. Laos became the target of what was named the Secret War.

Parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the North Vietnam Army path connecting north and south, passed through Laos. As a consequence, Laos became the most bombed country in human history. When I visited it in the early 2000s, vast parts of its mountains were still bald due to the American use of Agent Orange. The sight was striking because Laos is an endless sea of lush greenery. Unexploded ordinance was used as ornaments in the guesthouses of forgotten towns.

The Hmong had cooperated with the USA because they had been promised an independent country. After the American defeat, the promises were ignored.


"I was a South Vietnam Army soldier," the rickshaw driver told me in good English. All of them said the same.

After the scene was repeated too many times, I asked at the guesthouse.

"That is true. After the Americans run away, their Vietnamese soldiers are not allowed to do any other job," the establishment owner told me amid embarrassment giggles.

Saigon Hotel

Saigon Hotel, Ho CHi Minh City, Vietnam
by Roi Tov
A Rumor of War

Salim Idris, Commander of the Mercenary Free Syrian Army

Salim Idris, Commander of the Mercenary Free Syrian Army


United Banana Republics

I have a weakness for Southeast Asia, which gently received me after I left my terrorist state, thing that explains the unusual opening of this article. Yet, I could have written it almost about any corner of this raped planet.

Ecuador experienced a failed coup d’état in 2010; the event was perpetrated by the police force. According to Phillip Agee’s Inside the Company: CIA Diary, this police force is owned by the CIA. This last event was widely dismissed by Western media. Yet, Venezuelan teleSUR news network broadcast in 2011 an incredible report of the event in its program Dossier. There, journalist Walter Martinez did an exceptional job in showing the kidnapping of President Correa by the police. The video shows how a gas grenade is thrown on the president by a police officer, and his gas mask is taken away from his face while he is forcibly taken away. A few hours later, after it was apparent the event had failed, he was released. Then, the commander of the police force resigned. … This military-terror machinery had been trained by the USA, and was designed to perform exactly that: civilian terror for the profit of the Empire… Operation Condor was a campaign of political repression involving institutional assassination and intelligence operations implemented in 1975 by the right-wing dictatorships of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. The United States—through the CIA—had planning, coordinative and supportive roles. Later on, Ecuador and Peru joined the merry party. Two of these countries—Uruguay and Ecuador—are described as little more than CIA substations in the abovementioned book by Philip Agee (adapted excerpt from Back in Bethlehem).

In the name of Fake Freedom, Dingy Democracy, and Green Dollars, the USA raped its neighbors.

Nothing is new here. One should expect an educated general to understand that the West is loyal only to its banks in Zurich.

Simple Truths Simple Truths Simple Truths

Afghanistan's Simple Truths

Free Syrian Banana Army

In this reality, readers should understand my shock while reading the July 16, 2013, press conference of General Salim Idris, Commander of the Mercenary Free Syrian Army, also known as Free Syrian Banana Army. The conference was the result of the UK abandoning plans to arm the Syrian opposition as reported by British The Telegraph the Tuesday before.

"The decision would leave us alone to be killed by President Bashar Assad
"What are our friends in the West waiting for? For Iran and Hezbollah to kill all the Syrian people?
"I have not had the opportunity to ask David Cameron personally if he will leave us alone to be killed. On behalf of all the Syrians, thank you very much.
"Soon there will be no Free Syrian Army to arm, the Islamic groups will take control of everything, and this is not in the interests of Britain.
"The West promises and promises. This is a joke now."

Winning without weapons

Winning Without Weapons Phan Thi Kim Phuc, 9 years old, was attacked by the USA on June 8, 1972, in Trang Bang. She won the war.

Field-Mercenary Idris, the only joke is you and on you. A mercenary should be careful while choosing who pays his salary; perhaps you should establish the Free American Army.

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Tortured by Bolivia
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