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Dick Cheney | This is not a real photograph!


Over the years, I have been informally approached many times by people working for Israel. I have always refused to acknowledge their legitimacy, and considered these encounters a criminal invasion of my privacy. Otherwise, how did they find me? Before I stopped the talks, these people asked questions. The latter often implied what they wanted me to believe were their suspicions of me. These changed periodically and randomly. Over time, they ran over the whole list of crimes in the book, apparently trying to entrap me in anything. The only thing that came out of this systemic harassment was that I was formally recognized as a refugee under the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees and resolution 2198 (XXI) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. The State of Israel authorities proved again to be nothing other than unionized criminals.

What was the fact they continuously avoided? Of what was Israel scared? First, my title “Christian” (the only one I am proud of, though I own four academic degrees including one from the Weizmann Institute of Science, and have a captain rank from the IDF) scares them. Second, the fact that Christ's way is the only alternative; the Israeli public increasingly realizes the Zio-Pharisaic alliance belongs to a naked king. The only way to stop the The Road to Bethlehem, the only road leading to peace and justice, is by blocking people like me. As always in the last two thousand years, the ad hominem attack is the preferred—and immoral—route chosen by my people.

Two of the methods used are slandering me and bribing of people surrounding me; several such events are described in the book. Following several clumsy attempts to do so, I decided to prepare myself for the probable future and to provide an answer to any attempt to throw mud on my name. That had been explicitly promised to me by several Israelis; most notoriously those working for Dow Chemical. I have been photographed with Hitler, videotaped with Madonna and am—with no doubt and despite my age—the mastermind behind the Nazi Final Solution. I am the illegal son of the Russian Tsar. I plan to reinstitute the USSR. I have robbed trillions from the poor in Israel. I am moving around with the blueprints of the Israeli army headquarters. Just name it. If any of their sick allegations was true, I would have been put behind bars long ago. Yet, they keep attempting entrapment.

I will make it easy for you. Let me confess. I have been photographed with Hitler; my having been born much after his death is of no relevance. Photoshop version 30.0—restricted to the use of government agents—may solve this problem. Apparently it can. I may have been also videotaped with Hollywood knows who.

The Dodgy Dossier shows a frightening picture of information manipulation by modern Western governments that led to an unnecessary war and many thousands of deaths; all that in the name of Democracy and Cheap Oil. Dr. Kelly was a mortal victim of this incident. Despite the formal report of the British authorities, his death looks like a forced suicide. While I asked for refuge following the brutal attack of July 2009 on me, I was told at one of the embassies I approached: “You’re Dr. Kelly.”

The Washington Post published an article by Frank Van Riper named “Manipulating Truth, Losing Credibility” that deals with the manipulation of pictures by a staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times. The fake picture was defined by the paper as “it's the kind of picture that wins a Pulitzer.”


Madonna | This is not a real photograph!

Wordpress published an article on “Famous Faked Photos and How to Make Them.” The article features a fake picture of Dick Cheney with seriously injured legs. Brighthub published an article called “Top 10 Famous Fake Photos – The Best of Photo Manipulation.” Wikipedia features an enlightening article on “nude celebrities fake pictures.” In June 2008, Scientific American published an article on “Digital Forensics: 5 Ways to Spot a Fake Photo;” sadly doing so isn’t always as easy as depicted there. This list can easily be enlarged into hundreds of articles.

“Well, these are not institutional violations” some will say. Yet, they prepare the basis for such violations. “U.S. Govt. Creates Fake Internet Porn Photo Site to Cover Up Real Torture Photos Surfacing,” an article published by Care2 on Nov 6, 2008, claimed that a fake site was set up by the US government on purpose in order to discredit real stories. The site, it is claimed, was set up showing fake and inaccurate costumes of American soldiers so that, if the pictures were to be shown on more respectable sites, people would automatically disbelieve them.

“That website is not reliable,” anonymous official sources would whisper as an answer. Well, what does the BBC, a bastion of Western credibility, say? On November 19, 2008, the BBC published an article named “Row over altered US Army photo,” in which it is claimed that “the Pentagon has become embroiled in a row after the US Army released a photo of a general to the media which was found to have been digitally altered.” Moreover, “General Ann Dunwoody was shown in front of the US flag but it later emerged that this background had been added.” As a result, the Associated Press news agency suspended the use of US Department of Defense photos. Israeli media had repeatedly reported how official pictures of leading generals are retouched with Photoshop software before being released to the media. By doing so, they deflect claims of foul play.

Isn’t this quite similar to the Dodgy Dossier Affair? Are we witnessing a sophisticated propaganda machine in its occasional failures? “It’s only pictures; videos are reliable,” would add the now heavily sweating unofficial sources. China doesn’t think so.

The Washington Times published on March 24, 2009 an article by Christopher Bodeen of Associated Press. It was called “YouTube blocked in China; official says video fake.”

“Well, China cannot be trusted,” the Western officials would answer now with immediate relief. It seems this is true for all countries, except for the few enlightened ones making Dodgy Dossiers and adding flags to pictures of generals.

The BBC published on April 4, 2007 an article called “Thailand blocks access to YouTube.” The censorship happened due to the publication of a video that would be defined as criminal in Thailand, among other reasons for containing lies about the king in the form of graffiti. In the past, I made a search at Google with “YouTube” and "fake videos" as parameters, over 15,000 results appeared. The list grows by the hour. In every direction, we look there are signs of institutional violation of human rights, institutional entrapment and more.

Many Hollywood movies show things that cannot happen in reality. Yet, they look real. If one is capable of making a movie like Avatar, one can easily create a movie showing a reliable meeting between President Obama and Adolf Hitler. If it serves their purposes, state agents presented as experts on the topic would swear then, that the movie is real. Yet, these two people never coexisted.

These attacks are sheer cowardice performed by those who cannot answer legal claims made by people. They are as cowardly as the Israeli soldiers who killed a granny with the help of a well protected sniper, as reported by the Beit Oranim Report published in the Hebrew media; as cowardly as the Israeli soldiers who killed a mother and her sons in a similar fashion during the same operation.

If that pleases you, I have been photographed with Hitler and videotaped with Madonna. We all have been. We are all guilty unless proven otherwise. This last statement is the long term goal of the security services: to inverse the principles of the law, so that they can run their Machiavellian schemes freely. Those of us who read the Hebrew media, still remember the chilling complaints by Prime Minister Rabin about the illegal and entrapping “cooking of data,” as he called it, constantly performed by the Shin Beth. Maybe that was an additional reason for his assassination.

This text was adapted from a chapter of the same name in The Cross of Bethlehem II: Back in Bethlehem.

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