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Semantics: 4 Terrorists Killed Near Hebron

On the Israeli Semantics of War



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History is written not only with a language, but also with a set of symbols that characterize the culture that uses that language. The words used for descriptions of events show the attitude of the people toward the events. Thus manipulation of language is key to Machiavellian organizations. Western, Walsinghamian states excel in this. Yesterday, we got a double reminder of that.

On Nana

Israel's School of Terror | Updated Insignia

Israel's School of Terror | Updated Insignia

Yesterday, I published an article named “September 1: Anti-Israeli Coalition is Operative.” It didn’t get much notice, probably because it was an update to an earlier article on the same topic. Moreover, it was published next to an important news item; its chances were slim. I had predicted the event in “Next Bomb is Courtesy of Netanyahu.” Hence, you can imagine my surprise this morning when I found the first article mentioned here cited at nana.co.il – an Israeli website similar to yahoo.com and msn.com.

One of the articles at nana (the name means “mint” in Hebrew) dealt with the violent event at the South Hebron Hills, bringing the reaction of Tzipi Livni. At the bottom of the page was room for readers’ reactions (feel free to submit reactions to my articles by email) and one of them was surprising. It claimed the State of Israel keeps secret most of its assessments regarding Israel’s future. My abovementioned article was cited as a worthy counterweight opinion; most Israelis would understand the article was written by a persecuted insider, due to the hidden airports comment. It may look of little importance, but Israelis often find my website disturbing – to say the least; it being cited means the message was important enough to overcome their dislike of me. The recognizing of some of them that they are victims of that terror state is an important step forward.

On Terror

The manipulation of semantics goes beyond the hiding of disturbing reports by totalitarian authorities denying basic human rights. Yesterday the Hebrew headlines dealt with the violent event at the South Hebron Hills. Two typical headlines were:

"4 Israelis killed in shooting attack shattering years of relative West Bank calm"

"Rabbi at terror victims' funeral: Jews want peace, evildoers seek to destroy us"

They referred to the killing of four people on August 31, 2010, near Hebron. The killed people were Jewish settlers; the attackers belonged to the Hamas' military wing, the Iz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

My description of the event at the last paragraph is neutral; the Israeli and the Western media described it as a terror attack and used hysteric words for their articles. Let’s go one step further, and check out the facts. The victims were a couple from the settlement of Beit Hagai and two residents of Kiryat Arba. All of them are criminals since they are settling in occupied territories in clear violation of international treaties. The civil population of the area – the Palestinians in other words – leave in constant terror caused by violent settlers. These commit endless crimes that are ignored or brushed away by the Israeli Administration. There is no way I could mention even a fraction of these events, I’ll just remind Aisha Adnan al-Bahsh, an 8-year old girl assassinated by Yosef Harnoi, from the settlement of Eilon Moreh. The Cross of Bethlehem was dedicated to her. Overall, we have here the killing of four proven criminals who are also suspect of being terrorists. Let me improve on the Hebrew media headlines:

4 Terrorists Killed Near Hebron

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