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On Chutzpah

The introduction of the Hebrew word “Chutzpah” into English is remarkable since English already has a good word for the same idea: “insolence.” The only reason I can think for it being used is a typical Jewish attempt to make the topic of the talk vaguer. This is especially relevant on the topic of Israel’s Nuclear Policy; though “Nuclear Chutzpah” would be a much more exact term.

Clarifying Codes

Recently, I commented on Netanyahu's zigzag, when he decided to attend the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) on April 12-13, 2010, and then changed his mind due to the fear Egypt and Turkey would use the opportunity to request an investigation of Israel’s nuclear arsenal. Further actions were expected on the issue and accordingly, Egypt proposed that the 2010 Nonproliferation Treaty Conference back a plan calling for the start of negotiations next year on a Mideast free of nuclear arms. Israel answered fast. On May 6, Haaretz reported that Israel official defends nuclear ambiguity as “strategic advantage.”

This is typical of the Hebrew media. “An unnamed official” seems to be an eternal figure in local politics. Actually there isn’t any Israeli citizen answering to the name “An unnamed official.” In the local code it always refers to the top officer of the relevant government office. In this case not even the office was named, meaning it probably refers to the utmost brave Netanyahu himself, who is not courageous enough to defend Israel’s Nuclear Policy openly. Cheers, Bibi!

No News

Israel official position is that it would not sign the NPT until a comprehensive Arab-Israel peace deal is in place. Islamic nations used the second day of the nonproliferation meeting (May 4, Tuesday) to call for a nuclear-free Middle East, while criticizing Israel for not divulging its nuclear capabilities and refusing to sign the nonproliferation treaty. They also claimed Israel is the true threat to peace in the Middle East due to its arsenal. In a letter published on Wednesday (May 5), Yukiya Amano - the current Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - asked foreign ministers of the International Atomic Energy Agency's 151 member states to share views on how to implement a resolution demanding that Israel accede to the NPT and open its nuclear facilities to IAEA oversight.

No Doubt

The last paragraph can hardly be defined as news, despite the data appearing in every major newspaper. The same rhetoric, the same positions we are hearing for years. The only thing that doesn’t change is Israel’s insolence.

How can Israel claim “nuclear ambiguity” after Vanunu? Israel never claimed the information disclosed by the nuclear technician to the British media was false. The fact he spent so many years in jail and still is not free speaks for itself.

How can Israel claim “nuclear ambiguity” after Shelly Yacimovich openly spoke about "Wing 2" as the launching base for Israel's nuclear missiles? The fact she is free and even became a Knesset Member means the declaration was coordinated with the state, probably as a mean of intimidation; since the information was true.

How can Israel claim “nuclear ambiguity” after the book The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy was published in 1991? The fact Seymour Hersh - the author - is free and happy shows the book was backed by Israel. Supporting this claim is the fact the book was published by Random House. In my article The Da Vinci Nazi I claim this publisher works as a patsy for Israel in exchange for the last not mentioning its former links to the Nazi regime. This was another step in the creation of the ambiguity: hardcore data published by external parties that cannot be formally cited by bodies like the Nuclear Security Summit and the Nonproliferation Treaty Conference.

What is not ambiguous is the fact that Israel is a Terror State; this was asserted even by the UN. It is the obligation of humanity to defend itself from this threat in order to ensure that humanity would not face a new Hiroshima in the hands of the Zionist State.

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