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Saudis on Lieberman’s Crosshair

“Saudis on Lieberman’s Crosshair” | Maariv, May 13, 2011

The ongoing protests in Tel Aviv are worrying the Israeli Administration. A guillotine was recently placed in Tel Aviv, reminding Israeli leaders its slaves are not happy with their living conditions. Benjamin Netanyahu stopped shaving with razors – out of the blue the act acquired bad vibes – and sent out one of his wolves to calm the tsunami. Fitting the quintessential lame actions of all Israeli governments, the measure was unrelated to the problem. On August 17, 2011, Avigdor “Evet” Lieberman reached Sderot.

Near Gaza, Sderot (“boulevards” in Hebrew; ironic name) is a small “development city” (in Israeli jargon this means a small town populated mainly with Mizrahi Jews providing cheap labor to major Israeli cities), and one of the major victims of Gaza’s rockets answering the IDF brutal attacks. The city was sarcastically used by Ehud Barak (Israel’s current Minister of Defense) as an excuse for developing a defense system designed for Singapore – a close ally of Israel – with public funds supplied by the US. The town is experiencing a series of protests similar to the larger ones in the big city, Tel Aviv. Lieberman the Pacifier reached Sderot with nuclear missiles in his mouth.

It is hard to imagine a worse choice. The current Minister of Foreign Affairs and leader of Yisrael Beiteinu is a right-wing extremist even by extremist Israeli standards. He is a Jewish supremacist, an illegal settler in the West Bank and a proud racist, at least judging by his highly controversial statements regarding Arabs in general, Palestinian-Israeli citizens in particular and the outrageous solutions he proposes for the conflict. In February 2010 he said: “A final agreement between Israel and the Palestinians has to be based on a program of exchange of territory and populations,” the picture below shows a political poster illustrating the idea. It plays on the phonetic similarity between the Hebrew “ken” (yes) and the English “can,” saying Palestinians should be given a country as long as the settlements are kept by Israel. Lieberman wants part of Israel's Arab population moved to a Palestinian state, in return for the evacuation of some Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Sometimes it is difficult to follow the subtleties of Israeli jargon; “Israeli Arabs” is the code used for Palestinians born within the Green Line, and thus full Israeli citizens; they form roughly 20% of Israel’s population. In other words, he wants to evict legal citizens from Israel, in return for the removal of a few Jewish settlers in the West Bank, who are violating international law and are thus criminals. The removal is not extensive, but limited to isolated settlements; the “gushim” (blocks) of settlements are intended to stay in Israel’s hands.

A more recent controversy involving Lieberman happened in May of this year, when he said the Saudi royals would become a main target of Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry due to their anti-Zionist activity (see picture above from Maariv, a major Hebrew newspaper). Did he expect them to donate money to the settlements?

Yes We Ken

“Yes We Ken” (“ken” means “yes” in Hebrew) | “Country to Them, Settlements to Us”

It was difficult to imagine Lieberman thought he would get a warm reception in Sderot. A Moldovan enjoying generous government funds as a settler and a member of several governments since 1999, he arrived at Sderot to give a lesson to Mizrahim who can barely feed themselves since they were unwillingly sent to the desert in the 1950s by an openly hostile Israeli government. He was unlikely to be well received.

You are responsible, you are to blame!” the protesters shouted at Lieberman. Yet, he couldn’t be scared away.

Lieberman fired back. The softest things he said showed the Israeli administration fear. He attempted buying the protesters by making financial promises that everybody – including him – knew were cannot be fulfilled by the Israeli administration. He said that he wasn’t in Sderot “to engage in chitchat, but in action; we have a detailed economic plan, part of which is to provide free daycare for all children up to the age of three to four. Yisrael Beiteinu is strong on action, not chatter.” Since when does a Foreign Affairs minister make promises of free kindergartens? “We want to give soldiers a bonus of three months’ salary, three months before their release date,” he kept making promises he couldn’t deliver. He didn’t explain how these promises are related to the ongoing protests, which are centered on the price of homes. It was just empty chatter, the type Yisrael Beiteinu and the whole Israeli administration excels in.

He still had the nukes among his teeth. After attempting to calm the masses with false promises, he released two of them.

And on the subject of housing, a builder who does not build on an area for which he has a permit will be fined. There will also be tax on empty apartments, as there cannot be empty apartments. There are 400 housing units that are tapped for the periphery,” he said, meaning Israel has no intentions of solving the crisis. Then, nonchalantly, he delivered his final strike.

You are shouters for hire,” Lieberman said to the protesters. In other words, he made them part of a ploy to discredit the government. Is Lieberman insinuating Hamas or Fatah are behind the protests? This is no joke, in the past Haaretz shamelessly claimed the Holy See is training Hezbollah. This is a typical discreditation tactic of the Zionists.

We are fighting for our home, we are not shouters for hire,” a protester lamely answered the bigot. Next day, the guillotine grew a bit higher.

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