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Guillotine in Tel Aviv

Guillotine in Tel Aviv | Placed during the August 2011 protests

A recurring note I get from readers is a thank you for the background I provide while clarifying terms and events leading to the main one in a given article. I look at that as a must. Considering the complexity of the topics I usually comment on and how far they are from most people’s minds, I would lose the few readers I have if I didn’t behave in such a way. A related note is in my follow ups. As long as possible I try to provide updates on issues touched by this website. Here is where I got recently worried.

During the largest protests in the State of Israel’s history (yes, I am aware the Bolsheviks behind it have a longer one), I published a series of articles on them. Bibi Antoinette: Guillotine in Tel Aviv became the most popular of them; considering the provocative title, this wasn’t a surprise. By the end of June 2011, social protests began in Israel following a sharp rise in the price of cottage cheese, a key ingredient in the local cuisine. Then, they deteriorated and expanded to include the costs of living and mortgages. A tents-city was created and Tel Aviv’s main plaza – where Yitzhak Rabin had been assassinated - was occupied by the oppressed masses. On October 3, the tents city on Rothschild Boulevard was evacuated; I couldn’t find out what happened to a guillotine – symbol of the French Revolution – that had been placed next to it, but Netanyahu keeps walking tall, thus it is safe to assume it has been removed as well.

I didn’t report the evacuation on the website, since I was waiting for an accompanying event. Yet, since I didn’t dare predicting it (I am just a Jewish-Communists raised Christian boy …), I just needed to wait. In the past, a few readers have proven being extremely alert and well informed, would this be such a case? Would one of the readers note my fault? As said, luckily my topics are usually on the fringe – not because they are not important, but because they are suppressed by the mainstream media – thus I waited…

More than three weeks afterwards, things began moving again. The delay had not been casual; Netanyahu had timed the evacuation perfectly, so that the Jewish holidays will put a social end to the social events. The drama of Palestinian Hero Gilad Shalit Freed helped keep people’s attention on other issues. Until these weren’t over, there couldn’t come an answer to the forced evacuation.

Today, October 25, 2011, a social justice protest which is set to open with a march from Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard to Rabin Square, where speeches will be delivered, alongside a slew of performances, has been announced for this Saturday. Demonstrations are set to take place also in Kiryat Shmona, Rosh Pina, Haifa, Rishon Letzion, Modi’in, Jerusalem, Be’er Sheva, and Eilat.

That wasn’t all. The 25-year-old Daphni Leef (Daphni Leef: The Israeli Spy with a Baby Face Reaches Court), who initiated the Tel Aviv tent city that launched a nation-wide protest movement, urged the public to once again flood Israel’s streets to show their discontent with the government. Leef accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “using the nation as a springboard” and “living on our expense.” “The time has come for you to admit your mistakes and understand that your time is running out.”

Guillotine in Tel Aviv

Guillotine in Tel Aviv | Placed during the August 2011 protests

Leef is an unlikely candidate to lead this events. She grew up in a Jewish-secular Jerusalem family and then moved to Tel Aviv at 19, studied film at university and worked in various jobs, most recently waiting tables and video editing. It takes some digging around to find she is more attached to the establishment than it looks. She grew up in Rehavia, an exclusive neighborhood of Jerusalem. She refused to serve in the IDF and was granted that (despite she not belonging to one of the exempt groups); years later she claimed it was due to medical reasons. In Israeli context, that means lots of Vitamin P (“P” for “Protection”) in her bluish, royal veins. Then, she studied cinema at the film department of Tel Aviv University; which – again – is quite exclusive. Afterwards, she made a film for the "Free Israel" association, which promotes civil marriage in Israel. Even all this is not enough for creating a significant link with any significant forces in the Israeli society. On July 20, 2011, the Israeli right-wing extra-parliamentary group "Im Tirtzu" announced that they would no longer take part in the housing protests, claiming that the New Israel Fund and various left-wing groups are directly involved. Im Tirtzu officials said: “Daphni Leef, who is perceived in the media as the initiator of the struggle, is actually a video editor for the New Israel Fund and Shatil.

Now things begin to become clear. The New Israel Fund (NIF) is a US based, non-profit organization established in 1979. In 2008 it contributed about US$30 million to human rights and civil society groups in Israel. The New Israel Fund describes its objective as social justice and equality for all Israelis. The president of this organization is Naomi Chazan, former member of the Knesset for Meretz, a party belonging to the Jewish-left. Suddenly, this young, free-spirit turned out being very well-linked to the establishment. Meretz may be left, but it is a Zionist party. One of its main members – Ran Cohen – was the officer who wrote the artillery brigade doctrine for Division 98, the special vertical bypass unit described in The Cross of Bethlehem. In fact, it would be really difficult to separate between most Knesset members and undercover Shin Beth agents. Is Leef being manipulated by her Meretz and NIF masters?

Mr. Netanyahu, listen very carefully to Leef: “The time has come for you to admit your mistakes and understand that your time is running out.”

Mr. Bibi are you planning peace with Abbas? If you are getting warnings from Shin Beth yes-men, then the situation is serious. Two out of the two Israeli prime ministers who made turns toward a stable peace ended their terms in odd circumstances. Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated; later, at court, it was found a Shin Beth agent had convinced the assassin to perform the crime, and that the last found a strangely clear path to who probably is the best secured political person in the world. Then, Ariel Sharon is in a vegetative state for years, after the ambulance – and not helicopter – taking him to hospital following a stroke got stuck in Jerusalem’s rush hour, and after being administered a wrong medicine for someone in his condition. Fortunate incidents for the Shin Beth. Would you be the next prime minister to enter this exclusive list?

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