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The list is spectacular. Few countries have committed so many – and varied – crimes against humanity in such a short time and with such insane fervor.



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Major General Benny Gantz | Israel Used White Phosphorous Artillery Against Hospitals in Gaza


The list is spectacular. Few countries have committed so many – and varied – crimes against humanity in such a short time and with such insane fervor. In recognition, the UN Human Rights Commission defined the State of Israel as a terrorist organization at the moment it accepted the Goldstone Report on October 16, 2009.

The Israeli Administration understood what was said there. Several important columnists in the Hebrew media clearly stated that the Goldstone Report is here to stay. The Israeli Administration wouldn’t be able to claim it is anti-Semitic propaganda or to throw false mud on Justice Goldstone. The Israeli Administration was denied its two favorite Weapons of Person-Destruction. But, what can’t be done anymore on the internacional arena is still fair play within the Israeli media.

Technically, Israeli army officers are not supposed to express their political opinions in public. Yet, on January 31, 2010, Major General Benny Gantz gave a highly controversial interview. It was clearly approved by the Israeli Administration, and probably requested by it. It is as if the last gave up, knowing there is nothing convincing it can say to fix the atrocities it committed in Gaza. Instead, it pulled a prestigious general – at least in the eyes of the Jewish Israeli public – in an attempt to at least stop the damage to its image in the eyes of the Israeli voters.

Major General Benny Gantz was the IDF military attaché in Washington, when days before the UN approved the Goldstone Report he was appointed the IDF Deputy Chief of Staff. Probably because he was in Washington during the attack on Gaza and thus remained unstained by the shame of participating on such a brutal, savage event.

Ridiculously, in the abovementioned interview, he claimed the IDF acted in an ethical way in Gaza. Then he claimed, in a very clumsy attempt to justify the IDF crimes, that the same physicians that were in Gaza were later in Haiti as if that changed anything; this last statement clearly shows an inability to think logically or a Machiavellian attempt to confuse his listeners. Let me state that in other words: Major General Benny Gantz claims that firing white phosphorous artillery on a hospital is an ethic action. The list of Israeli crimes in Gaza is long. I could rephrase this in many different ways, each time mentioning a different Israeli atrocity. Major General Benny Gantz clearly cannot differentiate between good and bad, or he is a Major General Hypocrite.

If that wasn’t enough, he attacked Justice Goldstone on religious grounds. He said that since the judge is of Jewish background and is criticizing the State of Israel then he is a Trojan Horse taking advantage of his position in the international legal system. Shame on you, Major General Hypocrite. Shame on you, Major Racist General Hypocrite. Shame on you and on the administration that committed the Gaza Crimes. You are just Gazassins.

Following the Goldstone Report, there are no doubts the State of Israel is a terrorist entity and that the Israeli Administration is composed of a gang of international criminals. I call for the opening of a series of trials against them – beginning with the Prime Minister and the “Marganit 5” officers – by the International Court of Justice on neutral grounds, let’s say in Nuremberg.

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