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Jewish Terror Reaches California



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Jewish Terror Reaches California

Kathleen O'Connor Wang Car | Jewish Terror Reaches California


Few people own a copy of The Cross of Bethlehem. Very few of them are prominent volunteers in an organization promoting justice in the Middle East. Probably only one of them has also suffered a terrorist attack by Jews in California. Her name is Kathleen O'Connor Wang and she is part of the Free Gaza Movement.

Free Gaza Movement

Since August 2008, the Free Gaza Movement has sailed from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip on several successful voyages, bringing in international witnesses to see firsthand the devastating effects of Israeli violence against the Palestinian people. Composed by Italian, Irish, Canadian, Greek, Tunisian, German, Australian, American, English, Scottish, Danish, Israeli, and Palestinian members, the movement wants to break the siege of Gaza and to raise international awareness about the prison-like closure of Gaza. Through non-violent direct action they want to establish a permanent sea lane between Gaza and the rest of the world. In one word: Heroes.

Kathleen Under Attack

The Jewish attacks on Kathleen in California took place in a synagogue, at her car and in the freeway. The lightest event took place on the freeway. In her own words: “I drive that car with all the bumper stickers and one day a person drove up beside me - a woman - and she started throwing the finger at me. Traffic had slowed down and she was screaming at me I guess about Free Palestine.” Abusive language is typical of Zionists and has been described extensively in this website; it arises from a total lack of respect toward the other, a behavior sanctioned by the Talmud. By itself this is almost a non-event, however, this abusive reaction was soon reinforced near a synagogue.

Kathleen visited a meeting in a synagogue, where events related to Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla were being reviewed. Kathleen told me: “the mob attitude of that temple was frightening. The anti Muslim bent…attitude towards Obama was like a tea party rally.” Moreover: “I was in the 2nd row and I was planning to speak from my seat as the woman had who they harassed when she spoke (at the first time). I felt like someone was going to hit me from behind in the head. I was going to face them but I didn't get called on…

Another participant said: “Interestingly, for that entire evening in the Temple, Kathleen sat quietly. I was seated near her so I was aware of her decorum. She was one of the more respectful attendees in that sanctuary with a true air of serenity, yet she was the most under scrutiny. Those who were screaming for bombs, sanctions, curtailing freedoms, removing tax exempt status from mosques - those who were the most aggressive and angry - weren't bothered by anyone. But this one woman who'd put her life on the line on an uncertain journey for peace, became the perceived danger for displaying peace. It's time for an anger reprieve and a reassessment of our values.

Zionists seldom find verbal abuse satisfying enough. They want to physically punish any opponent, so that fear is instilled in anyone disagreeing with them. This case was not different. While Kathleen gently waited for her turn to speak, somebody called the police.

The police barricaded one entire side of the street with one of their cars and flashing lights. In her way out, the 67-year-old great grandmother was met by a police officer. He told her a phone call was made about her suspicious car and then interrogated her about two Free Palestine stickers, and one Strength Through Peace sticker, see picture at the top of this page. Kathleen needed to explain she was not a terrorist.

There is little doubt who the terrorists were in this case. The culprits were inside the temple. Beit Knesset (click on the word for the whole analysis) means “Gathering House,” not stating it is a worshipping place. This is not casual. This places serve no godly purposes, as their sacred text – the Talmud - is just a criminal text allowing the abuse of children and other bestial behaviors. Terror has reached California and it is perpetrated not by your neighbors, but by a violent Fifth Column.

Note for non-American readers

A non-American myself, I am aware several details in the picture above may seem unusual to others, thus I would like to clarify that American cars have a license plate only in their back side (despite states like California requiring two) and that new cars can move around with no plate at all for a certain period.

Note from Kathleen O'Connor Wang

"I am not a prominent member of the freegaza.org movement. I am a volunteer. Like others who went on the freegaza boats I donated $1000 and paid all my expenses for my trip to Cypress. It was a big expense for me.The tremendous amount of time, money, work, planning, sacrifice and fund raising was done by the founders of freegaza and others long before I decided to volunteer to be a passenger. I decided to volunteer when I went to a presentation by freegaza founders at hotel in Anaheim, California. The founders were with us on those first boats. We risked our lives to challenge Israel's cruel blockade of Gaza. I am an ordinary person who had the privilege of being with other volunteers on 2 boats that successfully entered Gaza by sea in August 2008. 43 passengers on 2 small boats. That I was picked to join them was nothing short of a miracle to me. Many of the original members of the first voyage and the group founders have been involved in subsequent efforts that sent other boats to Gaza. I'm one of thousands of people who are in solidarity with a profound movement.

I'm an atheist. I believe people of faith should not act like so many of the people in that temple. I have much respect for people of faith who do good work and accept and respect others. That was missing at the temple. Very disappointing to me. The woman who wrote that article is Jewish/Italian and sat with me at the temple. David, a Jew, organized our group of protesters to challenge Brad Sherman at the temple. David and his wife created art work to protest Sherman's lies about the flotilla. On all the freegaza boats Jews were among the passengers. They go because they want to show the people of Gaza and others; what Israel does, does not represent them or what a Jew is.

Kathleen O'Connor Wang

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