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The Cross of Bethlehem

The Cross of Bethlehem II

Last Batch of Black Slaves Reaches Israel

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Operation Dove's Wings End

Operation Dove's Wings End
Ethiopia, September 4, 2013

On the eve of Jewish New Year 2013, Israel announced that the last batch of Falash Mura Jews from Ethiopia arrived at Israel in two chartered flights on September 4, as part of Operation Dove's Wings, which started last October.

The outcome of Operation Moses (1984) and subsequent operations teaches that Israel is purposely tricking the Falash Mura, bringing what can only be described as slaves. The Jewish world applauds while cleaning crocodile tears from its non-colorless cheeks.

Israeli Propaganda in Ethiopia

"Patience would bring you to your desired destiny"
Hebrew and Amharic, Israeli Propaganda in Ethiopia
When I Was a Slave: Memoirs from the Slave Narrative Collection

Hanna Columbus Discovers Africa

I was truly surprised and strikingly amused to discover that American have coined the term "Jewish Princess." If commenting on the actual terms used in Hebrew toward the same creatures, ADL lawyers will close this website on the spot. Let me soften that into "meddlers" and "manipulators."

Barbara Ribakove Gordon

Barbara Ribakove Gordon
Twelve Years a Slave

The descriptions in the Hebrew media seem taken from a Spanish colonizers textbook. "In the summer of 1981, Barbara Ribakove Gordon traveled with a group of 12 other American Jews by foot, and on mule and horseback, through the Semien Mountains in northeastern Ethiopia until they reached a tiny, isolated, Jewish village perched on the edge of a cliff. Arriving, they went into 'culture shock, deep, deep culture shock,' she said, taking in the sight of impoverished, barefoot, Jewish children and mud huts."

Hanna Columbus discovered Africa, and walla! it was full of Jews.

"Let's mimic Colombus and enslave them!" was the widely unreported second thought.

"You have strong hands! Please open your mouth" were the widely unreported first words uttered with the Brave New World just discovered.

Falash Mura and Beta Israel

Many years ago, as a young IDF officer, I got special instructions how to deal with Ethiopian soldiers. I had a Samaritan soldier, but no Ethiopians, thus I couldn't judge the accuracy of the descriptions in the text, except for categorizing it on the spot as racist in the extreme, completely unquotable.

An explosive topic, the resources and language used towards Ethiopian Jews have changed along the years. The term "Falash Mura" was banished, "Beta Israel" never caught in Israel; how can they be the House of Israel? "Ethiopians" is the term currently considered as politically correct. Early publications regarding their dubious origins have disappeared, except for two sources.

According to tradition, the name "Beta Israel" originated in the 4th century when the community refused to convert to Christianity during the rule of Abreha and Atsbeha, the monarchs of the Aksumite Empire who embraced Christianity.

In 1973, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, then the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, ruled that the Beta Israel were Jews* and should be brought to Israel. That was the foundation for their arrival at Israel according to the Law of Return. Other notable poskim ("deciders" in Jewish Halakha Law+), from non-Zionist Ashkenazi circles, placed a Halakhic "safek" ("doubt" in Hebrew) over the Jewishness of the Beta Israel. Such dissenting voices include the notorious rabbis Elazar Shach and Yosef Shalom Eliashiv.

Wolleka Synagogue

Wolleka Synagogue, Ethiopia
Twelve Years a Slave

It was a typical Jewish War. Nothing was likely to happen until Barbara Ribakove Gordon discovered Africa and got American Jews funding to bring the 100th Lost Tribe out of the original 12, back to Zion.

"OK, bring them," Zion said, unable to say no to a couple of dollars and strong working arms. "Freebie slaves! Great!"

Later on, a 1999 study by Lucotte and Smets studied the DNA of 38 unrelated Beta Israel males living in Israel and 104 Ethiopians living in regions located north of Addis Ababa and concluded "the distinctiveness of the Y-chromosome haplotype distribution of the Beta-Israel from conventional Jewish populations and their relatively greater similarity in haplotype profile to non-Jewish Ethiopians are consistent with the view that the Beta Israel people are descended from ancient inhabitants of Ethiopia and not the Levant." Other studies reached similar conclusions. Despite this, the Halakha ruling issued by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef still holds.

Mossad's Slave Trading

In contrast to the discrepancies regarding their Jewishness, there is no doubt about the link between Beta Israel and the Falash Mura. Both groups acknowledge that Falash Mura were people from Beta Israel who accepted Christianity in various waves of conversion since the 15th century. In comparison to the roughly 130,000 Beta Israel living now in Israel, the number of the Falash Mura is small; apparently fewer than 10,000 still live in Ethiopia; even fewer are in Israel.

They are not recognized as Jews by the State of Israel, and thus are not allowed to reach the state under the clauses of the Law of Return applied to their brothers from Beta Israel. Due to their Christianity, Falash Mura reaching Israel independently are treated as illegitimate foreign workers and deported if caught. They have the same status as the recently attacked South Sudanese and Eritrean workers.

Beta Israel were brought to Israel in four main operations Operation Moses (1984), Operation Sheba (1985), Operation Solomon (1991), and finally the abovementioned Operation Dove's Wings., organized by the Mossad and funded by the Jewish Agency, in other words, mainly by American Jews.

Beta Israel Community Area

Beta Israel Community Area

In February 2003, the Israeli government decided to accept religious conversions of Falash Mura people organized by Israeli rabbis, and that converted Falash Mura can then migrate to Israel as Jewish. Yet, the Israeli government continued to limit, from 2003 to 2006, their entry to about 300 Falash Mura immigrants per month. In November 2010, the Israeli cabinet approved a plan to allow 8,000 Falash Mura to immigrate to Israel; since then nothing has been done. Due to their Christianity, Falash Mura reaching Israel independently are treated as illegitimate foreign workers and deported if caught.

Meanwhile, their Beta Israel brothers live mainly in "development towns" and are widely discriminated against by Israeli society. This discrimination was accepted by the international community. What would be the reaction if Germany were to legislate a law allowing the immigration of Christian Turks to Germany but denying the immigration of Muslim Turks to its territory? Why is Israel allowed to perpetrate a parallel crime?

Dismantling the Zionist Dream

The end of the current slave-transport operation came at an ominous time; just days after Israeli-Ethiopians learned that Israel's Ministry of Education was essentially dismantling the program allowing their assimilation into the Israeli society. "Slaves don't need to understand Tolstoy!" was the message (see They don't have a dream anymore).

Meanwhile, the camp in Gondar is being dismantled. The Jewish Agency representatives will leave a sign at the Jewish community school, the structures will be handed over to the Gondar Municipality, the synagogue’s Torah scroll will be returned to Israel, the kindergarten and the kitchens will close, and the 15-year leased property will be returned to its owners. Payback time is here, plenty of agricultural work in Israel for its new citizens!

Disconnected from the internet, and in any case unable to read the Hebrew reports on the issue, the few Beta Israel still in Ethiopia were unaware that they have become the Zionists' cannon fodder. Merrily, they boarded the deportation German trains... oops! sorry, Zionist planes.


+ Halakha is the Jewish religious law, a body of legislation parallel to Muslim Shar'ia. Its most comprehensive text is the "Shulchan Aruch " published by Yosef Karo in 1563. The name means "Set Table" and is the most extensive Code of Jewish Law. It generally follows Sephardi traditions. Shortly afterwards, Rabbi Moses Isserles published his notes to the "set table," usually known as "mappah" (tablecloth). The combination is an acceptable way of solving liturgical discrepancies among the bulk of Jews, namely Sephardic and Ashkenazi.

* Beta Israel and the Falash Mura are two groups of Ethiopian citizens seeking Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return. The Law of Return gives automatic and immediate citizenship to every Jew arriving in Israel.
A Jew is defined in that law as a person born Jewish (with a Jewish mother or maternal grandmother), with a Jewish ancestry (with a Jewish father or grandfather) or a convert to Orthodox Judaism (Reform and Conservative converts are recognized only if the rites were performed outside the State of Israel, other groups are rejected).
The basis for this racist law is what is known as "Jus Sanguinis" in Latin, namely "Blood Law." In ancient times, it was used to attribute citizenship on the basis of family relations. Despite the almost certain invalidity of their claim, Beta Israel were recognized as Jews by one prominent rabbi and thus granted citizenship.

+ +

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