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The Evil Eye runs deep in the Middle East. Those familiar with the concept can find references to it even in the Mount Sermon of Jesus. Now that modern states begin to resemble Orwell’s terrifying descriptions in 1984, the Evil Eye seems to blend with the Big Brother. An Evil Eyed Big Brother.

Today (June 8, 2010), I got a new reminder of that. Israel operates underground state agents within its own society through the police and the Shin Beth. I described some of their operational methods in The Cross of Bethlehem. The whole world learned about “Haagaf Hayehudi” (the Jewish Department of the Shin Beth) in the Avishai Raviv (a.k.a. Agent Champagne) trial that followed the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin. The last was performed with the knowledge (and thus blessing) of the Shin Beth. Their boss was Yitzhak Rabin himself. Yet, the Israeli Administration thinks this is not enough.

Today, the Israeli Administration approved the creation of a new type of police unit. At first it would be deployed in fifteen municipalities during the next two years, and afterwards they’ll spread all over – that is if Israel survives until then.

The new units would be formed from civilians that beyond their normal lives would double as plainclothes police officers under the direct control of the Israeli Police. They would be backed up with a system of cameras (over new 3000 are to be installed only in Tel Aviv, as compared to the 150 existing now) and sensors connected to the local police stations. Probably the new state agents would be equipped with cellular phones containing video cameras, and connected to the police communications system.

What’s new? The old generation of underground state agents were easy to avoid or play with (see The Cross of Bethlehem); once identified they became harmless fools. Whole lists exist of them; they are systematically being fed with disinformation. The new ones would probably be equally easy to identify, yet, they would have the power to detain civilians for up to three hours, or to block the entrance of civilians to buildings as per their judgment.

This is another example of a government – in this case an illegitimate one – taking liberties not awarded to them by the citizens. Underground state agents violate Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and thus cannot be accepted as part of any society, especially when they are proactively used by the men in power to advance their personal goals, as we have seen in the case of Agent Champagne. The Evil Eye of the Big Brother is illegal, and as such it would be removed.

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