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In 2006 I had a laptop. It was important since it allowed me validating the existence – and illegitimate use by states – of certain spying technologies. Then, the San Francisco Synod of the Presbyterian Church invited me. “We’ll get you political asylum in the USA,” they told me. I sold my laptop in order to fund the trip and reached the East Bay Area. There – in Berkeley - I met one of their lawyers working for the East Bay Covenant project. In our second meeting, I was told that since the publisher of The Cross of Bethlehem wasn’t good enough (that publisher later violated our contract; the actual publishing was done much later by Amazon), then they won’t support me. I lost my laptop, but got a very important lesson on what America has become.

State Crimes | Illegitimate Spying on Citizens

State Crimes
Illegitimate Spying on Citizens

The lose of the laptop wasn’t a big tragedy; after discovering what is about to be described, it was a liability to me. Scientific research being one of my professional hats – I graduated the Weizmann Institute of Science - I often conduct experiments trying to elucidate patterns and methods used by state security services; inother words, I try to defend myself from institutionalized crime. In The Cross of Bethlehem I gave several examples, and even mentioned the tampering with of my PDA, where the first version of the book was written.

Beyond the timeline of the book, I reached Bolivia and got here political asylum under the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees and resolution 2198 (XXI) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. I got rid of the compromised PDA and with some help did manage to get enough funds for purchasing a laptop. It wasn’t a very good one, but it featured one of the electronic transformers that appeared in the 1990s. They are very light compared to the old ones featuring a wrapped coil of copper. The computer was never connected to the internet. Was it safe?

Roughly at the same period, odd events happened in and near the building were I lived – a church where I was teaching at the time. The one relevant to this story was the disconnection of the whole block from the electric network for a day. Technical teams were working on the poles, despite nothing having gone wrong. Usually, things won’t be fixed here until a few years after they went wrong. They still haven’t decided if the network would work at 110 or 220V (both systems coexist in La Paz). Why were the technical people so eager to mess with the electric network?

I won’t describe the experiments I did in detail here. A successful experiment against the security services must contain a valuable sacrifice – a good bait – in order to bring the rats out of their holes. They tested positive at least in two experiments; my initial suspicion was proved true.

In the 1990s I had contacts with Israel’s main electric company and heard about what I am about to comment from inner sources. Yet, that doesn’t amount to much since the information is open. It is so open, that I assure all my readers that if they search for it on the web and begin reading, they’ll fall asleep within minutes due to the huge amount of technical details available.

I am talking about power line communication. This is known also as Power Line Carrier (PLC), Power Line Digital Subscriber Line (PDSL), mains communication, power line telecom (PLT), power line networking (PLN), and Broadband over Power Lines (BPL). These are systems for carrying data on a conductor also used for electric power transmission, i.e. connecting to the internet through a regular electric socket.

I won’t get technical here. I provided all the technical names, those wanting to can find the relevant data easily. The point is that you can connect to the internet through the power line, no need to use a phone or internet connection. Obviously, this would be cheaper than the regular options. Yet, this isn’t widely available, despite the technology being widespread. Why?

The only explanation one would find is that the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers didn’t yet specify the standards for such connections. This prevents the industry of setting up such a platform on a widespread basis. For those interested, the current president of this honorable institution is Moshe Kam. In order not to be accused by the ADL, I won’t make any comment on his background.

Why is the IEEE blocking this system? The issue is simple. Electric signals from computers travel back onto the grid. If the grid is free of interferences – for example interferences caused by it being used to carry internet data – then the signal can be picked up from nearby. The security services spy can read what you are doing in your computer simply by reading the electric modulations of the current from the nearest electric network access point.

However, this is not absolute. In Weapons of Data Destruction I described how to get protected from certain type of web-snooping methods used by states. Other methods can protect you from electric-network reading. And now, I’m back to the transformer issue. The light-weight, electronic transformers were developed with help of state funds for a good reason: they allow signals to travel back to the grid. The old fashioned copper-coil transformers don’t. This is how Satan is currently working.

Can you protect yourself while using such an electronic transformer? The very obvious protection would be replacing it by a copper-coil one. Another option would be mimicking the scrambling effect of the old technology. This isn’t very hard. If the computer electric cable is not of the coaxial type (i.e. not protected from interferences by an inner metal layer), just wrap it tightly against a very strong magnet. Would this be enough? I don’t have the capability to check that due to my actual location, but with the help of an oscilloscope almost everybody can check out if there are modulations on the sinus signal of the current; you don’t need to read it, its existence is a sign data is mounting the basic current. A method that may add to this protection is the addition of a RF frequency toroid inductor to the power supply AC cable. Another good protection would be the use of public computers in kiosks; the many computers would create such signal interferences that probably the data from a single machine cannot be separated from the others. However, such public places are rare in the USA, apparently because the political police cannot control them.

Thus Weapons of Data Destruction teaches how to protect data; this article describes how to block the network electric signal, is that all? Stay tuned for the third part of this series on how to scramble up state spies.

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