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Freedom In a random day – yesterday – less than 80% of Israeli citizens celebrated Yom Haatzmaut - Israel’s Independence Day. A few days before that in Special for Israel’s Independence Day I commented on Israel gaining independence at the barrels of Uzi and Galil. I liked the graphic nature of the sentence, but even more its internal inconsistency. Neither internal or external sovereignty can be gained through violence (see Is Israel Sovereign?). Through violence you just can get a temporary pseudo-independence, like the one enjoyed by Genghis Khan and the Crusaders. Given the circumstances, one must ask the Coca-Comatose citizens of that place what are they celebrating.

Freedom“Independence Day” should be a celebration of freedom, in which one commemorates achieving a certain freedoms assured by a constitution and a derivate system of laws. Yet, Israeli citizens do not have a constitution, the Knesset legislates arbitrarily – including the infamous Base Laws – as per the coalition wishes. Do you celebrate being denied basic human rights? Do you celebrate being denied the freedom to choose your religion? Do you celebrate being denied freedom of matrimony? Do you celebrate being classified by the state – and your rights and debts toward the state derived from that - according to your religion and ethnic parameters as defined by the Ministry of Interior? Do you celebrate a Shin Beth and Mossad that consider you – the sovereign citizens –as a major threat and track your smallest moves? Do you celebrate Shin Beth’s Avishai Raviv, a.k.a. Agent Champagne? Do you celebrate a country where the two leaders brave enough to move towards peace with the Palestinians died (one is in a vegetative state for years, after the ambulance – and not helicopter – taking him to hospital got stuck in Jerusalem’s rush hour) in violent and unclear circumstances? Do you celebrate a land where leaders plan day and night how to leave you – citizens – behind in the case of war?

FreedomYou should be celebrating different things. Celebrate the glory of life, God’s creation. You should be celebrating love to others, not just to yourself. There is no glory in the last.

FreedomListen to your narrative. You celebrate pain; glorify war. You preach violence; laugh at the victims. Listen to the unbearable sadness of the songs radio stations are forced to broadcast on special days. I mean that, listen to the words. “The Song of Friendship” (Shir HaRe’ut, Rabin’s favorite) is about bodies in the battlefield! What values are you preaching to as a society? Violence and hatred, longevity and vengeance! All said with violins dripping viscous crocodile-tears. Tel Aviv is often called “The City in Grey;” in those days we shiver in disgust and understand way.

FreedomListen to your narrative. “The whole world is against us,” you repeat day and night. Did you ever stop – for just a minute – to ponder if those allegations are the result of your unstoppable violence? Rabin called you the “indefatigable conspirators,” and paid for that with his life.

FreedomDo you celebrate your leaders calling you “cowards’ fallout (Rabin)? Do you celebrate your leaders openly saying citizens should “not be told what’s going on (Barak)? Do you celebrate leaders hiding behind an illegitimate legal system and an invalid independence declaration?

FreedomDo you celebrate disrespect toward your culture and other people? David Ben Gurion – the one to read the invalid independence declaration – was famous for his odd Hebrew. He refused to utter the particle “et” because it doesn’t exist in Indo-European languages. The Proud Pole didn’t get its meaning, so he skipped it. Listening to Ben Gurion’s Hebrew, makes G. W. Bush’s English sound like Shakespeare. In Hatikva - your anthem – you begin: As long as in the heart, within, A Jewish soul still yearns, And onward, towards the ends of the east, An eye still gazes toward Zion; automatically leaving out every non-Jewish, and Palestine and Middle East born Jews, out of the game. Isn’t Israel the state of its citizens? To whom does it belong if so?

FreedomShow the world you are better than that. Step out courageously and admit to have erred. Accept God and said that thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: (Lev 19:18). Then, for the first time in your bloody history you’ll see love and know the world is not against you.

Freedom(but you won’t)

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