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On Israeli Crimes in Africa and Western Media



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Seldom do we have so solid evidences on the double standards of the Western Media. Seldom can we state so clearly: the Western media is working full time for Israel.

Washington, October 17, 2010

The Chinese were fighting hard to prevent the publication of a report showing the flow of weapons it sold into Darfur over the last year. The UNSC resolution 1591 adopted on March 29, 2005 placed an embargo on the supply of arms to all parties in Darfur. Human right groups reported finding shell casings from Chinese ammunition at the sites of numerous attacks against peacekeepers from the joint U.N.-African Union mission in Darfur (UNAMID).

Jerusalem, October 17, 2010

Netanyahu smiled smugly. The same report mentioned that at least two samples of ammunition used by the Justice and Equality Movement, one of the main rebel groups in Darfur, were manufactured in Israel. Yet, Israel was hardly mentioned in the Western media. Moreover, Israeli official sources were insolent enough to claim all the Israeli weapon sales to Sudan had been performed legally.

Africa, September 2010

Avigdor Lieberman was having fun. He did visit Ethiopia, Angola, Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. The Israeli involvement in Africa wasn't new. For years, CIA funds were channeled by American trade unions to the Histadrut Labor Federation in Israel, and from it to Africa to finance various activities. The money was used to post an impressive array of Mossad agents in the African states, a list which includes later arch-spies David Kimche, Reuven Merhav and Nahum Admoni. Israel gives strategic value to countries of the Horn of Africa - Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan - which control the shipping lanes to Eilat and are close to Egypt, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Along the years, Israelis were involved in coups d'etat in Uganda and Zanzibar and in the civil wars of Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. It aided also the controversial regimes in Equatorial Guinea and the two Congo republics.

"The purpose of my visit is to demonstrate an Israeli presence in Africa," Lieberman said. "I want to tell the leaders I meet that Africa is important to Israel. We must not neglect them, especially in view of the efforts by countries like Iran to influence them and establish themselves there." At the time of his visit, almost all Israeli activity in Africa was related to weapons trafficking.

As of September 2010, seven Israelis, all ex-military men, are behind bars in four countries on gunrunning charges. All been licensed by Israel's Defense Ministry.

In 1989-90, Yair Gal Klein (a former lieutenant colonel and special forces commander in the IDF) spent 16 months in a Sierra Leone prison for selling guns for blood diamonds. He was released by intervention of the Mossad. In 2007, he was detained in Moscow on an Interpol warrant when he attempted to fly to Tel Aviv with a doctored passport. He is on the run since a Colombian court had sentenced him in absentia to 10 years' imprisonment in 2001 for training right-wing paramilitaries in the 1980s.

Shimon Naor-Hershkowitz, a former commando and senior officer in the Israeli navy, is currently being held in France and is expected to be extradited to Romania to serve an 11-year prison term imposed in 1999 for forging documents to buy weapons in Romania destined for Western-backed Angolan rebels.

Gideon Sarig is in a British prison serving a seven-year sentence imposed in 2010 for selling arms to various organizations in Venezuela, Peru, Senegal, Nigeria, Gabon and Sri Lanka. Ofer Pazaf is in a U.S. jail awaiting trial on charges of plotting to bribe U.N. and African officials for an arms deal. He is president of an Israeli company that works as an intermediary for Israel's defense industry. Arrested with him are two other Israelis, Yohanan Cohen and Haim Gary, both top executives of defense-related companies. Hanoch Miller is also jailed in America. He was arrested on charges of attempting to sell thousands of AK-47s to Somaliland, an autonomous region in northern Somalia.

All were licensed by Israel's Defense Ministry.


Israel uses Senegal to transport Syltherm 800 from American Dow Chemical to Israel. The product is used in the inner parts of the Dimona nuclear reactor as a heat transfer liquid, instead of the more common molten metal. The American DoD never gave a permit to that. Zim – another company mentioned in this website in the past – transfers the dirty cargo to Israel.


In the last year, a deal was signed between Israel Shipyards and the Nigerian defense ministry, for the manufacture and delivery of two Shaldag patrol boats. According to the Nigerian navy's budget book, the deal is worth $25 million (even if, for various reasons, this may be an inflated price). One boat has already been delivered. Nigerian crews have been trained in Israel, and Israeli instructors will provide further training in Nigeria.

Amit Sadeh was the middleman. He is also a partner in a large shopping mall in Lagos. Sadeh was involved in the controversial sale of air and sea drones by the Yavneh-based Aeronautics Ventures, to the Nigerian defense ministry, and the sale of used planes from Ukraine to Nigeria. Sadeh also represents Israel Aerospace Industries, whose Ramta subsidiary competed for the same deal. The deals have put Israel in the position of interfering in an internal Nigerian dispute that could lead to civil war. The boats and intelligence equipment are intended for the use of Nigerian forces against rebels in the Niger River Delta region. In an interview with Haaretz last year, a spokesman for the rebels warned Israel not to go ahead with the sales.

Back to China

Yet, China is being internationally condemned while Israel continues instigating war and terror. Let me repeat: seldom do we have so solid evidences on the double standards of the Western Media. Seldom can we state so clearly: the Western media is working full time for Israel.

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