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Ex-Mossad Director Fighting for His Life in Belarus



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The short, heavyset man, advanced through the corridor with the help of a stick. Despite his being the Mossad Director, his walking stick had no gadgets in it; the dumb wooden stick was similar to those used millennia ago. He was recognized immediately—his Humpty Dumpty shaped head was impossible to miss—and was rushed into the Prime Minister’s office. There, he was told that his request to have his position as Mossad Director for another year had been refused. The old cripple left the office seconds later, shaking his bald head in badly disguised anguish. Would Netanyahu now pay the price for this decision? Rabin did.

This happened in June 2010, when Meir Dagan lost the renewal of his appointment as Mossad Director, a role he had fulfilled since 2002, an unprecedented length of time for a man to be in this sensitive position. The following November, he left office and became the director of the Israel Ports and Railway Authority. This is a key role in Israel, since it is essential for the country's economy; the marine ports are Israel's main gate, see Israel, Iran, and Rich Jews, and also are operative with respect to Israel's fleet of submarines and the country's second strike capabilities. As with other sensitive positions in Israel, this is a role kept for people with particular loyalty to the state and is given for life. In 2011, he was also appointed chairman of Gulliver Energy, which intends to mine uranium in the Dead Sea area. However, Dagan already knew that in his case this new positions wouldn't be enjoined for a significant period of time. He needed a liver transplant.

Meir Dagan

Meir Dagan

Mossad - Old Logo

Mossad - Old Logo
see Satan's Army

Fatal Error

Meir Dagan claims to be Jewish. Among other things, this means that he believes God expects him to fulfill “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” (Leviticus 19:18). Somehow, he missed this basic point and committed a fatal error. In his violent lawlessness, he didn't allow his victim a fair trial, or an opportunity to answer to Israel’s unproven accusations. Dagan was the mastermind behind the January 2010 assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai’s Al-Bustan Rutana Hotel, which was carried out by Mossad agents using forged foreign passports. Dhahi Khalfan—the Dubai’s police chief—called for Dagan’s resignation. A Mossad official was expelled from Britain. Ireland and Australia expelled Israeli diplomats over the affair. The real owners of the stolen or forged passports, including Britons living in Israel, became victims of a murder plot. The Mossad agents who used their names were put on Interpol’s wanted list. For this fiasco, he was refused another term in his position. He was not allowed to resign immediately since that would be considered an acknowledgment of his crime. He put Mossad under the spotlight, unaware that he would be forced to pay for his crimes with the same currency he favored.

On the Run

After he left office, he was expected to lead the wet fiefdom awarded to him until retirement. However, he fell ill and pretty soon it became clear he would need a liver transplant. Israel wasn’t considered a proper location for that. Properly securing a hospital would have been a nightmare. Moreover, Dagan couldn’t have trusted a treatment there; as commented in Hiss: Halloween in Tel Aviv, the Israeli medical establishment is politically bound and unreliable. Dagan could have been eliminated—as Rabin, Sharon, and others—by a faction disliking his politics. His politics as director of the ports authority are of little concern, the point is that Dagan is promoting changes in the political system of Israel and could have run for the Knesset’s upcoming elections. The math is easy. Palestinians consider him an enemy. Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah consider him an enemy. Several Israeli politicians consider him a serious threat. Given the circumstances, he couldn’t trust the Israeli establishment. At least he proved to besmarter than Rabin and Sharon.

Mossad - New Logo

Mossad - New Logo
see Satan's Army

His condition was kept secret. Suitable locations for the transplant were searched. Meir Dagan soon found that he was being barred by countries he and Israel considered friendly. The US, Germany and Sweden refused to host the surgery, citing various unconvincing reasons. A Jewish surgeon—Daniel Azoulay of the Paris Transplant Center—agreed to perform the feat, but he couldn’t perform it in France. Dagan’s condition deteriorated rapidly; he could wait for political considerations to change. Following urgent and secret negotiations, Belarus agreed to host the surgery. This choice shows how urgent his situation was. He compromised to a country of doubtful medical facilities. He compromised to a country which is a crucial ally of Venezuela, which has no relations with Israel and is remarkably close to Iran (see Venezuela, Iran, China and the “Axis of Piracy”). Dagan was one step before begging Syria to allow the surgery in its territory. On October 16, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko disclosed the secret at a press conference, while Dagan was kept in strict isolation—under the claim of fear of infections—in an undisclosed facility in that country. Would he leave it alive?

Gulf News - Wanted Mossad Agents at Al-Bustan Rutana Hotel

Gulf News - Wanted | Mossad Agents at Al-Bustan Rutana Hotel

In recent months, Dagan experienced some of the same persecution he inflicted upon others. He was denied service by countries considered friendly to Israel. He was denied access to any proper judicial method to fight these decisions. He may have experienced some of the physical pain he inflicted upon others. We are seeing God’s justice and punishment in the Jewish understanding: here on earth. Isn’t this a bit early for an obituary? After all he is breathing Belarusian air. This death-while-alive is what Jesus meant in Matthew 8:22: let the dead bury their dead. Rest in Peace, Meir Dagan.

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