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Meir Dagan Meir Dagan

Meir Dagan | Satan’s Servant


The short, heavyset man, advanced through the corridor with the help of a stick. Despite his position, the stick had no gadgets in it; it was just a dumb wooden stick similar to those used millennia ago. He was recognized immediately – his Humpty Dumpty shaped head was impossible to miss – and rushed into the Prime Minister’s office. There, he was told his request to have his position as Mossad Director for another year had been refused. The old cripple left the office seconds later, shaking his bald head in badly disguised anguish. Would now Netanyahu pay the price for this decision? Rabin did.

Meir Dagan was appointed to that office in 2002 by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. His term was extended twice by former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. In 2009, current premier Benjamin Netanyahu decided to keep Dagan on for another year. In such a job, this period is an eternity.

Dagan differs markedly from his predecessor, the Londoner Ephraim Halevy, who was known for his diplomatic efforts and his repudiation of evil covert operations. Dagan is known for his brutality.

In the Hebrew media, there are clear hints – with that undertone commented on The Cross of Bethlehem that implies the unquoted item is for real – that despite the denials, Dagan was the mastermind behind the January 2010 assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, which was carried out by Mossad agents using forged foreign passports. Dhahi Khalfan - the Dubai police chief -called for Dagan's resignation. A Mossad official was expelled from Britain. Ireland and Australia expelled Israeli diplomats over the affair. The real owners of the stolen or forged passports, including Britons living in Israel, have become victims of a murder plot. The Mossad agents who used their names have been put on Interpol’s wanted list. Despite the cowardice of the criminal perpetrators, there is little doubt who they were. Dagan carries the mark of the beast.

For this fiasco he has been refused another year, though he had not been allowed to resign immediately since that would be considered an acknowledgment of his crime.

Meir Dagan got his evil office the same year I began my exile. Eight years later, I am a formally recognized refugee with a published book; the Mossad keeps watching and attacking me with no substantial success, while their boss – and my persecutor – is forced out of office in disgrace. This is a rare moment of satisfaction for me.

Now what? Probably a major general would leave the IDF and occupy Dagan’s position. The Mossad is a popular retirement resort for IDF officers due to the improved financial conditions offered by it. And what about Meir Dagan? Don’t worry Dagan, you young devil. I assure you have a senior position waiting for you at the "Haagaf Hayehudi" – the "Jewish Department" - of Hell.

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