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There is an ever growing community of political and religious dissidents from Israel living abroad; under these circumstances, the fact Israel has agents attempting to get close to the dissidents abroad is not surprising. Those following this website have found at least one of them mentioned in two occasions; let me use his initials Sh.H. He is one of the few I can trust, though we have experienced problems with our email communications. The harassment methods used against us are similar; we both have experienced physical violence from the Terror State of Israel, our contacts with the mainstream media are constantly sabotaged and we suffer of constant surveillance. Some authorities in the countries that gave as refuge cooperated with Israel in our harassment. The result is that he left his refuge to a European country; while I’m losing my voice due to the last violent attack by Israel.

A few years ago I gave a broadcast interview in which one of these agents was disclosed after he caused me damage. A GOP prominent member clearly identified as a Zionist agent is mentioned elsewhere in this website. Another one approached me many times and was a bit trickier to identify. He is an anti-Chomsky agent. A person of Noam Chomsky’s caliber cannot be harassed in the way I and Sh.H. are, thus Israel had placed a special agent whose aim is to throw mud at Noam Chomsky. In certain occasion he even asked me to “organize the South-American anti-Chomsky movement,” during a visit of Chomsky to the area. Why an Israeli dissident should be anti-Chomsky – even if not sharing his world view – beats me. There are too few Israeli dissidents to begin fighting among ourselves despite minor differences in our world views.

MIT Professor Noam Chomsky was denied entry to Israel at the Allenby Bridge on Sunday, May 16, 2010. He was about to give three lectures at the Birzeit University. The 82 years old man was detained for four hours; afterwards he was told a written explanation would be sent to the US Embassy. Later, Professor Chomsky spoke to the organizers at Birzeit University and to the media from Amman and explained that the Israeli authorities had denied his entry because he was coming to speak exclusively at Palestinian institutions, although he made clear that he has spoken at Israeli universities on many occasions. Chomsky likened this decision to the actions of a "Stalinist regime" and compared it to his experience of denial of entry to Soviet-controlled Czechoslovakia in 1968.

Even the Shin Beth doesn’t claim Chomsky is a terrorist. He even lived in a kibbutz for a while (like me, he couldn't stand the extremist ideology there, see The Cross of Bethlehem). Under these circumstances, the only reason for the denial of his entry is political. The Shin Beth and its Indefatigable Conspirators do not like Chomsky’s opinions so they violate his basic human rights and those of the students wishing to listen to him. What are these opinions? Chomsky asserts that power, is inherently illegitimate, that the burden of proof is on those in authority to demonstrate why their elevated position is justified. If this burden can't be met, the authority in question should be dismantled, and authority for its own sake is inherently unjustified. He criticized Israel along these lines in many occasions, as well as other Bolshevik-styled states. Pyongyang as a suburb of Tel Aviv. Without being aware of this, I made a similar statement in The Cross of Bethlehem.

Nobody gave the Israeli Administration the right to violate human rights in its illegal crusade against political dissidents. Nobody gave it authority to violate even the least of our rights for any reason; simply, there is no social contract between the State of Israel and it citizens. As such, it is an illegitimate organization, recently recognized as a terror organization by the Human Rights Council of the UN, and should be dismantled. By applying brute force against all its critiques, the Terror State of Israel transforms itself into an illegal entity for yet another reason. When Israel closes its gates, and even applies violence, to anyone who doesn't fall in line with its official positions, it becomes one with Nazi Germany.

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