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Brutal Opression of Students | Chile – July 2011

Brutal Opression of Students | Chile – July 2011

In the last months I got a surprising number of emails from Chile. My situation as a victim of state terror
being public, most of them told me: “cross the border, Chile is a country where milk and honey flow from the Andes to the Pacific.”

I thought they were just trying to tempt me. This June I answered to one of these contact attempts with a shortlist of Chilean achievements: military dictatorships, Operation Condor, and the ongoing student protests in Santiago, their capital city. Brutally repressed, one of the scenes of the ongoing state cruelty can be seen in the picture above, courtesy of Telesur, the excellent Venezuelan television network. Chile was under the military dictatorship of Generalito Pinochet between 1973 and 1990; the democratically elected Salvador Allende was assassinated by the Chilean Army (+ to my Chilean readers, please read the remark at the bottom on the ongoing investigation). This South American dictatorship was special because it adopted the Chicago Boys economic policy designed by Milton Friedman; in the 1990s it was defined by Juan Gabriel Valdés, Chile's foreign minister as "a striking example of an organized transfer of ideology from the United States to a country within its direct sphere of influence...” The next event I mentioned was Operation Condor. This was a campaign of political repression involving institutional assassination and intelligence operations implemented in 1975 by the right-wing dictatorships of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. The United States – through the CIA – had planning, coordinative and supportive roles. Later on, Ecuador and Peru joined the merry party. Two of these countries – Uruguay and Ecuador – are described as little more than CIA substations in the excellent INSIDE THE COMPANY: CIA DIARY by Philip Agee. Then, even in 2011, students protesting for their right to study, were brutally attacked by Chilean police forces; anywhere else in the world these policemen would be labeled “terrorists.” In the neo-liberal Chilean economy imposed by the military dictatorship, all education is private. Only the rich can go to the university. In this type of countries, that means only the sons of generalitos and alike can enjoy education. I was sure my mentioning these events would silence the silly offer of my crossing into Chile, but I was wrong.

Generalito Pinochet| CIA Clown – 1973-1990

Generalito Pinochet| CIA Clown, Hero of CIA's Operation Condor – 1973-1990

The answer was amazing: “This was decades ago!” it said, completely ignoring the 2011 events. Only people with no history can refer to twenty years as a significant historic gap; yet, the system did not change; the captains of then are the generalitos of today. It was a typical South-American attitude; reality was denied. “200 years of independence” is the current blinding veil all over the area. “200 years of slavery to the Northern Empire” is the reality, see my article Netanyahu: Between Uganda and Argentina for more details on military control methods used by the USA in Latin America. After that I got no further answer (how could reality be further denied?) And almost forgot the whole thing, until Chile forced its way back into my website’s radar.

Facebook is no stranger here. Serving as an open arm of CAZAB in providing and manipulating information to and for Western security services and with its leading figure being a probable sayan of Mossad it is difficult to avoid commenting on this monster here. Yet, seldom is it directly related to third world pseudo-dictatorships. The only wide-scale effect until now was when Facebook backfired. The West was hit by its own weapons when Facebook played a key role in the ousting of their favorite yes-man: Hosni Mubarak, the Last Pharaoh of Egypt. A boomerang hit the West. Considering all these, it is not surprise Facebook became a favorite partner of the Chilean Government. Yesterday – July 3, 2011 – it reached the headlines.

The Chilean Government – through its minister Ena von Baer – admitted the government follows the citizens accounts on social media websites, mainly Facebook and Twitter. The first has around nine million subscribers, roughly half of Chile’s population, while the second about a million. The minister said the government wants to elucidate the tendencies in public opinion and that since this is public media the step is legitimate. It almost fooled me. Subsequent interviews with Chilean experts clarified the Chilean government is collecting also the coordinates data of each publication and keeps the personal information collected. This is a clear violation of article 12 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Moreover, since it clearly is intended to be used for future accusations against people posting comments the government dislikes, it reverses the rule of law. Every Chilean is innocent unless proven otherwise; entrapment is illegitimate, violations of privacy and systematic collection of data are illegitimate.

CNN Poll| People say ‘No!’

CNN Poll | People say “No!”

It would be very easy to end this article with a sad note on the ongoing 1984-like society we live in. Yet, there were two rays of light in the last events. First, the student bravely confronted the evil police attacking them. David against an American armed Goliath. The struggle is not over yet on that front. Then, CNN – its mediocre Spanish version – conducted a poll in Chile, which showed 78% of the denizens oppose the actual police-state policies on social media. The People will awake.

President Obama, People of CAZAB and Israel, please leave the world alone. You have killed enough in the name of your Golden Calf. Just go away.


+ In January 2011, a Chilean judge ordered an inquiry on Salvador Allende’s cause of death, the first judicial investigation of the death. On the basis of the original 1973 autopsy, Luis Ravanal, a member of the medical examiner, said the wounds on the body were not consistent with the theses of the alleged witnesses. Simply, the alleged suicide doesn’t go well with wounds caused by different guns. On May 23, 2011, Allende's body was exhumed in order to have an autopsy performed also by an international forensic team. On May 31, TVN, the state television station, reported the recent discovery of a secret 300-page military account of Allende's death. The document had been kept in the home of a former military justice official, and was discovered when his house was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. After reviewing the report, two forensic experts told TVN "that they are inclined to conclude that Allende was assassinated." This belief is supported by forensic expert Luis Ravanal who has been studying Allende's autopsy since 2007. Ravanal says he found details in the autopsy that weren't in line with the official version of Allende's death. The cranium, he says, shows evidence of a first shot with a small gun, like a pistol, and then, a second shot from a larger weapon — like an AK-47 — which could mean that Allende was shot and killed, then shot a second time with his own gun, to make it look like suicide. All the army generals involved survived him and enjoyed large pensions. The results of the committee were lately that year widely discredited by the people.

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