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“This is Skinny Smith reporting for Radio NYC from the scene of the last incredible event. I am standing in front of the giant – towering high above the city – that was seen killing an orphan earlier today. I am trying to take a statement from him, though under the circumstances that may turn out to be difficult.

“I’m getting close to him; I’ll try to ask a few questions. I can see the photographer of a major newspaper in town attempting to get a good picture of the giant. The giant attention is wandering; he does not look at me anymore and is lowering his head toward the photographer. He’ll get a great picture.”

(Unclear crunching sound followed by the sound of vomiting)

(Unclear noise)

“My God, my God. He ate the photographer. He is getting close to me.”

“Why did you eat the photographer?”

“He took a picture from my bad angle.”

“Is that a reason for killing a man?”

“I don’t like bad press.”

“Would you accept to participate in an exclusive interview with NYC Radio, with the friends of the dead orphan?”

“I’ll love it, if my conditions are met.”

“What are your conditions?”

“I choose the interviewers, the questions, I’ll have time to repare the answers, and I’ll be holding a weapon on my hands at all times, just in case. The friends should not be asked any questions and would not say anything.”

“Come on, you can’t be serious. That’s not a fair interview; you don’t give any space to the other side, the victims.”

“I cannot afford any criticism that may damage my businesses.”

“Why did you kill the orphan?”

“Hey! He criticized me.”

“I don’t understand. What crime did he commit?”

“He called me ‘giant’”

“I understand you consider that a defamation. Where are you from?”

“I’m local here, but I like to wander in Gaza and the West Bank.”

“But you allowed recent criticism on the recent events in Gaza.”

“Read the texts published in the Hebrew media. There it was clearly mentioned these events were to be made public to create fear among Gaza’s denizens.”

“Please instruct me, how should I address you?”

“You can use my name: Israel, the Last Victim.”


Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

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