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Recently, I gave an interview to Christopher Bollyn, which was named A Cup of Coffee with Roy Tov. At certain point I was asked: “You write that Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet keep tabs on Israelis in the same way that East German’s secret police (Stasi) or the KGB of the Soviet Union spied on their fellow citizens…” He didn’t realize how this phrasing unsettled me. Years before that, the same claim was thrown at me during the process of getting political asylum. It is a classical one; if you fail answering this all your claims turn null – at least in the eyes of the refuge granting authorities. I was upset by the question, but by now answering it is easy and immediate: “It’s not only my writings that say this. The Shin Bet itself has openly said that. Following Rabin’s assassination, the Shin Bet agitator Avishai Raviv appeared in an Israeli court. There we learned about “Haagaf Hayehudi” (The Jewish Department of the Shin Bet) and about Avishai pushing Yigal Amir into committing the hideous murder in the name of hatred, war, and war bankers. These are facts: Israel is a police state run by organizations keeping a network of politruks.’” Anyone wanting to discredit me on the grounds of my disagreement with Zionist policies must first discredit the Zionist courts. This is the best tactic I could adopt, especially since it sticks to the court-proven criminal policies of Israel.

Yet, the court discovery about the “Haagaf Hayehudi” is just the tip of the iceberg. The Israeli intelligence world is divided in five main units. Aman is the military intelligence operating from within the IDF. The Shin Beth is the internal political police, working in Israel the Occupied Territories and the Israeli embassies. The Mossad is little more than the Israeli Prime Minister private army abroad; illegal, coward assassinations are its forte. These three are well known. The two other major agencies are more public in nature. The Ministry of Trade operates a commercial and financial intelligence unit working all around the world. Then, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is little more than the open arm of the Mossad. Beyond these five, there is a network of esoteric units. The best known among them is called Internal Security; it operates exclusively within the Ministry of Defense and related organizations. Its members are considered as the most ruthless and dangerous of all.

Then, on March 1, 2011, I find myself watching with disbelief at one of the leading financial publications of Israel. “Calcalist” (“calcala” means “economy” in Hebrew) informed its readers about a new arm in the Israeli intelligence world, this one operating within TASE.


TASE is a small and cozy stock exchange. Ten companies hold 1% or more of its value, with two with well over 10%. The last two are advertised as holding only 9.5% due to local regulations; hiding thus the fact a quarter of the market is driven by two companies: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Israel Chemicals. Also the sectors present within the top ten companies are quite limited: aerospace and defense, pharmaceutical, chemical, banking, and telecommunication industries.

Much of the industrial military output of Israel is driven by these few companies. Teva is the pharmaceutical company mentioned in The Cross of Bethlehem; “Agent Arie” – one of the stars in the first part of the book – works there. The company is loosely linked to IIB. Israel Chemicals produces many of the products needed for the production of weapons and ammunitions, including those used for the production of chemical and nuclear weapons. Dow Chemical has close relations with the last and provides chemicals essentials for the operation of the Negev Nuclear Research Center in Dimona (see The Cross of Bethlehem). RAFAEL may also be in the list of Dow clients, this corporation approached me in the past regarding the illegal transfer of American missiles technology to this company (again, see The Cross of Bethlehem). Hence reality is clear: once Israel was defined as a Terror State, any investment in TASE companies equals to a terror supporting action. In the case of Teva, it means investing in bio-terrorism.

Israel Securities Authority

TASE is highly regulated by Israel’s Securities Law (1968) and falls under the direct supervision of the Israel Securities Authority. And this authority attempted to inaugurate a new intelligence gathering entity. It was caught red-handed.

In 2009 the Israel Securities Authority was reorganized. The Investigations Department and Intelligence Collection and research Department were united in what now is known as the Investigations and Intelligence Unit, directed by a lawyer, Nir Bar-On. Most of the people working for him are lawyers and accountants, many with an active past in the Shin Beth (as many of the “invitees” about to be mentioned found out). The Authority is led by Zohar Goshen; there is so little information on him, that he may be related to the Shin Beth directly.

Yet, the Calacalist (a pun on "The Economist") made a good work, bringing testimonies of many people working for different financial institutions. The picture is clear: this new unit contacts influential people within financial institutions and invites them to their offices. They must comply by law. Once there, they are offered to become active informants on their employers for the Israel Securities Authority in exchange for financial benefits. Walsingham can claim another victory.

On a Kinky-Dressed Englishman

In history there are crucial times. The life of Jesus the Christ is one such example. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Sir Francis Walsingham. Seldom in history do we have such a good documentation of Satan’s work. Rarely can we see the machinations of an evil mind taking form within the structure of a large institution and then modifying it and its parallels forever. Apostle John said there would be many Anti-Christs (2 John 1:7) and here we have one. He didn’t negate the Christ in word, but did so in his many deeds as any indefatigable conspirator.

Known as the “Spymaster,” Walsingham lived in the 16th Century and worked for Queen Elizabeth I of England. He spied on the Spanish Armada, gathered intelligence from across Europe, disrupted several plots against the queen, secured the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the subjugation of Ireland. But mainly, he filled her pockets with gold, even at the price of institutional piracy; Pirate Sir Francis Drake was one of his monsters.

Until now we have just the portrait of yet another ugly policeman; a Doberman dog unquestioning his master’s orders to attack defenseless babies. The point is that he consolidated the first modern intelligence and counterintelligence network. He placed spies all over the continent, including domestic ones within England. He became obsessed in the collection of small details of people – hoping to use them later in attempts of coercion and bribery, a technique favored by these organizations. He showed hatred toward fellow humans, not hesitating to torture and ruin lives for the sake of one single goal: filling the pockets of Queen Elizabeth. He systematically used agents provocateurs, recently proved being a deadly weapon. The book Her Majesty's Spymaster: Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Walsingham, and the Birth of Modern Espionage by Stephen Budiansky (2005) describes many more horrors ruthlessly performed by this monster, Walsingham of England. Not surprisingly, he also practiced nepotism; his deputy and successor was his son in law, Sir Philip Sidney.

Walsingham’s worldly goals and lack of moral principles were reflected in the intelligence institutions he defined. Those were copied by other countries, sometimes with the very help of England itself and have become the modern intelligence agencies. Their trademark - recently quoted by a prominent and very smart Asian leader – is their working on both sides of the line, on fighting and promoting terrorism at once, all for the sake of their deep pockets. On claiming to protect the law while breaking on the way all the human rights promoted by the laws of their home countries. By being Dobermans attacking defenseless children.

Back to Israel

Israel, as much of the Middle East, was a British colony. As such, its institutions were modeled after the British ones. A president replaces the queen; both countries are run by a prime minister and a similar set of ministries. Even the monetary system is closely related to the British pound; the Israeli Pound (the “lira”) was legal tender until the Likud gained power. Its successors rely on the same institutions and system. Even the nepotism became an integral part of this spin-off society. The same goes for its intelligence institutions. The Shin Beth and the Mossad were modeled after the British MI5 and MI6; and those use Walsingham’s networks of informants. As such, the new (and apparently still ineffective) institution is just another expansion of this system. Interestingly, the USA adopted this systems after WWII, with the kind help of the Brits.

We, the People, must understand these type of activities cannot be accepted. They violate the rule of law by assuming people are criminals while in fact we are all innocents unless proven otherwise. Entrapment – a popular technique used by Walsingham derived organizations, is illegal. Moreover, these types of criminal activities were never sanctioned by the people; simply because they wouldn’t be able to legally permit institutional crimes against themselves. No less important, they violate Article 12 – our privacy rights! – in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yet, governments assume they can get along with this because they keep their law violations secret. This type of organizations, in combination with modern technologies are cementing the creation of a 1984 type of police-societies. We must reject them and all the evidences collected by them (the last cannot be trusted for many reasons; even Rabin rejected Shin Beth evaluations due to their being “cooked”). Enough. Completely transparent government and completely identifiable government agents must be the rule. Anything else cannot be accepted and will – even against government’s wills – be obliterated. Mark these words.

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