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203mm Howitzer M110 A2 | Used as shell for the GBU-28

203mm Howitzer M110 A2 | Used as shell for the GBU-28

Western media displays an odd tendency to recycle old material at odd times. In the last week of September 2011, several news outlets began updating old reports on the Israeli acquisition of GBU-28 Bunker Buster bombs from the USA. The rumors being initiated by the New York Times were widely quoted even by Venezuela’s teleSUR. This time it was claimed Israel already received these bombs, though the details vary with the source checked. Some speak of 55 bombs, others of 100; actually every number above 1 is irrelevant. The New York Times claimed President Obama secretly released the weapons in 2009. Why are we bombed with this propaganda?

Bunker Busters

Bunker busters are special airlifted laser-guided weapons capable of penetrating thick walls of concrete. They were developed by the USA for its 1991 attack on Iraq. Initially built from modified 203mm artillery barrels, they weigh 4,700 pounds and contain 630 pounds of high explosive. They are capable of penetrating over 30 meters of earth or 6 meters of solid concrete. Israel bought them apparently for a planned attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

teleSUR, one of the news recyclers abovementioned, claimed yesterday, September 28, 2011, that Israeli sources said Israel can construct its own bunker busters, but that it is cheaper for the IDF to purchase the final product from the USA. Even this sounded like propaganda. To those familiar with the IDF, this last claim sounds credible, especially since the bombs were probably bought from the USA with the military help received by Israel from the USA. In other words, the bombs could be an awkwardly offered gift to the Zionists.

Sayeret Matkal – formally Battalion 262, de facto an administrative brigade - is an elite special forces unit, best known for Operation Thunderbolt in Entebbe. Modeled after the British Army's Special Air Service (SAS), its main function is as a field intelligence-gathering unit, used to obtain intelligence behind enemy lines. The Shaldag (“Kingfisher” in Hebrew) unit appearing twice in The Cross of Bethlehem (one of its errors in the Defensive Shield Operation led to unexpected events) was initially a specialized company within Sayeret Matkal. The Alpinists Unit serving at Mount Hermon is a subunit of Sayeret Matkal. This last is one of the special units stationed in the Golan Heights. Complementing it are 160mm mortars (highly unusual) and 203mm M110 howitzers; these are useful for firing shells into Syria above Mount Hermon. Other types of shells cannot pass this vertical obstacle. Thus, Israel could easily modify its own 203mm shells into a bunker buster analogue. Right?

Then why this media chronic obsession with the issue? Why are American and Israeli sources making sure the topic is reviewed time and again? We don’t get the same level of pestering on the development of other types of weapons. It seems Venezuela’s teleSUR fell prey this week to Zio-American propaganda.

War with Iran

On many articles in this website I claimed it is highly unlikely that Israel would initiate a war with Iran, though it may attempt to wag the dog by forcing the USA into such a war.

As times passes, this assessment is becoming more solid. If Israel was to attack Iran, several things may happen:

1. Hezbollah may attack Israel from Lebanon. In 2006 and 2009 Israel was badly hit and proven unable to defeat Hezbollah.

2. The Palestinians may retaliate from Gaza towards Sderot. Again, Israel has weak answers to this.

3. Israel may be attacked from Sinai.

4. The newly found gas fields in the Eastern Mediterranean – controlled right now by Israel – may be easily rendered useless.

Under these (and other, less probable) circumstances, it is unlikely Netanyahu would attack. He survived Operation Thunderbolt in Entebbe (his brother Yoni died), for being a coward. Understanding this means the chronic release of data on the issue is very odd. What’s going on with the bunker busters?

Shlah Lahmeha

In The Cross of Bethlehem I described several technological deals of Israel; one of them – led by Dow Chemical - transformed me into a refugee. Israeli academic institutions, the Israeli industry and even the Bezalel institute of art are involved in this. One of the best known such events was the transfer of AWACS surveillance technology to China without the approval of the American DoD. This preceded the Hainan Island incident which gave China even better technology. This activity – fueled by Mossad systematic crimes – would continue after the decline of the USA and probably would keep Israel afloat on the economic aspect.

Knowing this, a better explanation can be offered. Israel seems to be playing what in Hebrew it’s called “shlah lahmeha.” This term means “send your bread,” and it can be understood from the point of view of a fisherman. “Send your bread” into the water and you’ll fish something. What is Israel attempting to fish now?

The bunker busters obviously serve a propagandistic intimidation of Iran, but that’s not enough to justify the incessant buzz.

However, the recent Israeli indiscretion reported by teleSUR gives an important clue. Israel claims it can construct it own bunker buster bombs.

That is probably true. If Israel got the bombs from the USA (be them 55 or 100), the first one was dismantled, studied and copied. Through these indiscretions Israel is publicly announcing the world it has bunker busters for sale. Are the Chinese interested? Maybe Bosnia, or Zionist Libya. If so, Israel is discreetly saying: please contact Ehud Barak at the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Once again, Israel is wagging the American dog, while American citizens happily pay the bill.

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