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On July 18, 2012, a suicide bomber attacked a bus transporting Israeli tourists at the Burgas Airport in Burgas, Bulgaria. The bus driver and five Israelis were killed; over thirty people were injured. Within hours, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran and Hezbollah, justifying his brilliant conclusion on the fact that it had occurred on the anniversary of the 1994 AMIA bombing, which was blamed by Netanyahu’s predecessors on Iran and Hezbollah. The foolishness of this deductive technique is better illustrated by 9/11. One could claim that the date of the event—September 11—was chosen carefully. In the USA, 9/11 is the police emergency call number. From that day onwards, every American will connect both events, emphasizing its terror, allowing the fear to transcend time and space. This is true in America. Few countries use 9/11 as an emergency code (for example, Israel uses 100). Thus, using Netanyahu’s innovative methods, one could claim the 9/11 event was planned by an American, the only one likely to immediately recognize the additional value of the date.

Burgas Airport Bombing

Burgas Airport Bombing

The truth is different. Benjamin Netanyahu is using what in Hebrew is called “afuh al afuh,” ("h" like "ch" in "loch") namely “inverse on inverse.” Essentially it is a deception technique based on an assumption of what a victim expects from the criminal; after this assumption, the criminal behaves in the opposite way. If possible, the robber should run towards the victim after robbing him, in order to point the blame elsewhere. That’s not easy to achieve on a street robbery, but in the case of industrial theft it is easy to achieve. Netanyahu did just that; he blamed the only people who wouldn’t have done that. Regardless of their morals, neither Iran nor Hezbollah are unwise. For them to attack a bus of Israeli tourists in Europe would have been the equivalent of attempting to physically rob the UN Secretary General during a UN meeting… no chance of it coming out well. Yet, we see both groups—Iran and Hezbollah—standing strong against Israel and the USA for years under the most difficult conditions. They are wise and logical people. No chance they had bombed the bus; they could only lose from the consequences.

…we went to an excellent and cheap Bulgarian restaurant around the corner. Their mousaka was always prepared from fresh eggplants and high quality meat. Many years before, in the seventies, an Israeli rock band led by Danny Sanderson had a hit called “We All Are Bulgarians.” It was a huge success, but little attention was given to its message: There were no true Israelis, only Bulgarians or Germans or Moroccans … or their sons. Mixed couples usually adopted one culture as their main one. Maybe the song contributed to my becoming a fan of Bulgarian food. It was truer than anything Israeli. (excerpt from The Cross of Bethlehem)

Did Iran do this?

I must admit that I wasn’t planning to write this article. The recent attack on the website forced me to focus my attention on technical issues; I came out much stronger from the event (see box at bottom of the page), but also with a delay. Up to that moment the events in Bulgaria hadn’t been especially interesting. Then, I got an intriguing email from an Israeli; a refugee in a European country.

Its first words were: “The last attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria was done by Mehdi Ghezali.” Known as the Cuba-Swede, he is a Swedish citizen of Algerian and Finnish descent who was held by the United States at the Guantanamo Bay Detainment Camp in Cuba between January 2002 and July 2004. In other words, he is a suspected member of al-Qaeda. Yet, the Swedes were fast to officially deny this option; apparently the man is in Sweden now. This seemed like an extension of Netanyahu’s tactic. After I got this odd email, I took a look at the local media. Meir Javedanfar, an Iran analyst at Israel's Interdisciplinary Centre in Herzliya, stated to the Times of Israel website that Iran is a major suspect because of the bombing date, but he added that he does not rule out the possibility that al-Qaeda is involved. It was the same awkward logic—a superb example of “inverse-on-inverse”—and the same culprits. I was being bombarded with useless propaganda.

In other words, Israeli official sources are trying to throw dirt on Iran and Hezbollah. Both Hezbollah and Iran officially condemned the event and denied any involvement. As claimed before, this fits their interests in the issue. Thus, what remains to answer is: “who is to blame for the terror attack?”


Burgas Bombing | Israeli False Flag?

Burgas Bombing | Israeli False Flag?


What we must look is who is profiting politically from the event; obviously, neither Iran nor Hezbollah enter this category. The initial statement by Netanyahu was followed by truly odd declarations. Yoav Limor told the newspaper Yisrael Hayom that the attack is “another reason, along with the steady collapse of the Assad government, to justify an Israeli offensive in Lebanon to stop Syrian chemical weapons falling into Hezbollah's hands.” Government Minister Yaakov Katz told the Jerusalem Post that he thinks the government will take its time before deciding how to retaliate: “Above all, it will first work to create an intelligence dossier to prove to the world that Iran really was behind the bombing.” The verb “create” perfectly fits the minister’s intentions. Similar astonishing declarations were made by others. Israel is seeking a justification to start a war; any other attempt to solve its domestic problems has failed. If its declared enemies won’t provide it, let it be through a false flag operation. It worked for 9/11, didn’t it? Let me be absolutely clear. If Mr. Sherlock Netanyahu thinks that he can blame Iran based on a an anniversary date, we, the people, have the right to blame him for 9/11. After all, he has double citizenship, American-Israeli. He for sure knew the importance of 9/11.

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