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“I won’t complain about that,” I said to Marcos, the refugees’ office lawyer sitting in front of me. Yet, we both knew that I had come to complain. We also knew that I would phrase myself so that the event wouldn’t be turned around against me. The last was possible by claiming everything was circumstantial, and that I was making non based claims.

It was early November 2009, a few months after the violent attack against me by an Israeli-Bolivian team. My answers to the attack were to increase the activity of my website and to publish The Cross of Bethlehem in a Publish on Demand program of Amazon. What Israel did in retaliation was to create a physical harassment environment around me. Each time I published an article someone would painfully bump into me after I left the internet kiosk; elbows on my ribcage, dissimulated blows to my stomach. The lawyer listened patiently. “I won’t complain about that,” I repeated then and left.

TThe attacks stopped immediately. Part of the problem was related to local culture. Following my “Christian Morals” talks described in Nelly’s Tears (see The Cross of Bethlehem II - Back in Bethlehem), I had proven to myself that Bolivians wouldn’t hesitate to sell out even their blood brothers. Sadly, Bolivians were poor, and do not stop to think even for one second if their actions were virtuous. That meant party-time for Mossad and Israel. They could thoroughly harass me for the price of a bad cup of coffee in Tel Aviv. After I unofficially complained, instead of hiring “bumping patsies,” they began hiring “broken arm patsies.” I was planning to make a statistical analysis, showing the probability of seeing a person with a fractured arm in a city of a given size assuming an average length walk. I decided to skip that; it wouldn’t portray the feeling of the event. Dear reader, how many people with broken arms do you see while walking a few blocks in downtown? What would you think if you saw fractured limbs every day on every single block you cross while in downtown? Every time I published a text Israel didn’t like, when I left the kiosk, people with broken arms would be loitering nearby. Most times, their bandages were new. They were obviously not in pain, and they displayed an unusual interest in my reactions. I described the Delay Effect in The Cross of Bethlehem. This was a classic example of it, despite its being intentional. Had I complained, I would have been answered: “That’s circumstantial.” At least, the blows did stop after I complained in November. This was just criminal harassment designed to frighten and intimidate the victim.

“We’ll break your bones if you continue publishing,” was Mossad’s message. During the first stages of my request for political/religious refuge, I was asked: “Do you believe Israel would spend so much money in creating the sophisticated harassing machine you describe?”

“The Mossad and the Shin Beth exist independently of my case, and they do cause much damage to many people; the cost of adding me to the list is negligible,” was my immediate answer.

This is true and often forgotten. I am not alone. I know another Israeli refugee—a Jew in this case—who described to the Canadian authorities events similar to the ones I describe time and again. Except for the places involved, our experiences are eerily similar, especially those including photographs. One of the worst harassment techniques is the constant taking of pictures, with professional cameras, ordinary ones, and even cellular phones. There was an attempt to photograph me with x40 professional zoom lenses a week or so before I was shot at; the event was described in detail in The Cross of Bethlehem. Snipers need accurate photographs before committing their crimes. Thus, this is a terrifying event for everyone being illegally persecuted by a country with no constitution, a country which does not respect human rights. Yet, complaining is difficult. In July 2009, Israel stole my camera and with it many pictures I took of the photographers. That wasn’t casual.

However, I want to finish this chapter by expanding the answer I gave to the refugees’ agency. Where does the persecution money come from? If you look at the Israeli Government budget, you won’t find the Mossad there. Some of the money appears hidden under bureaucratic definitions that only those sharing the secret can read correctly. However, the Mossad spends much more. Its princes live like kings. The two topics I am about to mention appeared in the Hebrew media in previous years, though as far as I know, only one of them was published by the BBC and other international news outlets. Israel is an international money laundering center, especially for Russian thugs. Also, Israel is an international center for diamond trade, which is dominated by Ultra-Orthodox Jews. The latter smuggle diamonds in and out of Europe, they know the European immigration officers wouldn’t dare touch them.

The Mossad gets its cut, by providing various services to both groups. Unregistered money for illegal actions, this is terror money.

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