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The banality of evil: in order to function it needs food and resources. How does it work for the State of Israel, which was recently defined as a terror inflicting organization? Many would shout now “Rothschild!” and dismiss the whole issue. It is true that rich Jews – so rich that nobody knows how much money do they have or where do they hide their assets – did and do contribute to the Terror State of Israel, but that’s a secondary source. Most contributors are unsuspecting gentiles. Fortunately, the Talmud doesn’t recognize their right to property.

The State of Israel Bonds are debt securities issued by the Government of Israel through a company known as the Development Corporation for Israel (DCI), which is properly located in New York. Since its first issue of bonds in 1951, the company did collect almost thirty billion dollars (non amortized value). Since the Persian Gulf War of 1991, it is collecting funds at a rate of over a billion dollars per year. For a small country like Israel this is big money.

Where does this money go? The vast majority of it is used for strategic installations. The list includes: the National Water Carrier, the ports of Haifa, Eilat and Ashdod, the railway network, the Hadera Power Plant, the Ben Gurion International Airport, the Dead Sea Works and more. In fact, the bonds have been used to construct much of the country.

Who controls the DCI? Here we should expect somebody from the Warring Family; no one else would be trusted. Accordingly, since 2002 Joshua Matza is President and CEO of the State of Israel Bonds. A former politician who was Health Minister in Netanyahu’s first term as Prime Minister, a Knesset member and member of the Jerusalem City Council for many years, Matza has also a much more worrying past. Since he was 14(!), he participated in operations of the terrorist group Lehi in Jerusalem of the British Mandate. A true insider.

So, a former child-terrorist leads an organization which is key in the founding of the Terror State of Israel, big surprise! But where does he get the money for the bonds? Would it be a bombshell to find that half of the American states are invested in these bonds? American citizens are funding terror through the massive financial and military help given every year by the US government to Israel. They never have had the opportunity to vote on this issue. Moreover, many of them support terror twice through the bonds purchased by their states. Also here they didn’t have the opportunity to vote. Not only that, the US government downplays the whole issue; try getting accurate data and you’ll see what I mean. What about you, did you agree becoming a collaborator of Terror? If not, what are you doing to change the situation?

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