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IDF Skunks Filmed Attacking

For all that do such things, and all that do unrighteously, are an abomination unto the LORD thy God.—Deuteronomy 25:16



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Does your neighborhood feature one of those evil civil servants too eager to justify their undeserved state-salaries? What would you say if your neighborhood policeman were to pull out his weapon and begin shooting randomly at houses? Before insulting the beast, you will probably take a careful look around. You will see an empty street; no thieves, no robbery taking place, nothing would be in sight except for the offended houses facades. Would you justify the policeman saying: "he works for the state, he knows what he is doing, may the secular State bless him?" Probably not.

On March 27, 2013, Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem released a video it prepared out of material it collected in Israel and the West Bank. The incredible video was reproduced by Yediot Ahronoth, Israel's largest non-free newspaper and is reproduced below. It shows skunks attacking peaceful houses.

Israeli Skunk Basic Design

Israeli Skunk Basic Design

Skunks video prepared by B'Tselem


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Superintendent David Ben Harosh
Israel Police Head of Technological Development
The Soviet Military Experience


"Bo'ash" (glottal stop between the "o" and the "a;" a Hebrew "aleph" glottal stop consists of a short stop followed by an elongated vowel) means "skunk" in Hebrew. It may refer to the animal, but it is also the formal name of several types of vehicles equipped with a water-cannon capable of firing a malodorous mix. It was developed by the Israeli Police in 2004, in an attempt to minimize the death from rubber bullets. They are often described as inoffensive, defensive weapons. Since developed, the skunk has become a regular weapon of the Israeli Police, the IDF, and mixed Mishmar HaGvul units. The video shows different vehicles belonging to the various forces deploying the weapon. The white vehicles belong to the Police, the large "Rio" trucks belong to the army; the water-cannons have an effective range of up to 40m. The weapon was developed by Superintendent David Ben Harosh, Israeli Police Head of Technological Development. In public interviews, he claimed that his formula is based on yeast, baking powder, and a few additional secret ingredients. He claims that the mix can be drunk safely, being in essence a modified protein-drink. He might soon be taken to court for libel by companies producing these drinks. Descriptions of how bad his mix smells abound in the Hebrew media; all of them describe a mix of organic sources of bad-odour.

Invariably, descriptions disclose another characteristic never mentioned by the Police. The smell sticks to porous surfaces, including skin. It means that binding agents are also part of the formula. People hit by the mix claim that it is impossible to wash it away with soaps or chlorine, even if applied with hot water (rule of thumb: every rise of 10 degrees Celsius doubles the rate of chemical reactions. Using very hot water is a substantial measure, yet, here it fails). Several people got mildly injured while aggressively attempting to clean themselves. A Jewish-Israeli journalist claimed that he had cleaned himself successfully by bathing for 30 minutes in the sea; was he mocking Palestinian victims living inland? Victims report how after being hit, they begin to emanate the stench, contaminating their houses, food and families; their children refuse to eat. Contaminated houses are said to be incredibly difficult to decontaminate. In many occasions, windows were shattered; belongings were ruined. The State never fixes the damages it purposely causes.

The video released by B'Tselem is very clear. It shows skunks hitting houses. It is clear that no hostile activity is taking place from the houses toward the security forces. This is shown in residential areas, but also in downtown Hebron. These are unprovoked attacks by the security forces. The events look innocent, grown-up state-salarymen throwing water at houses, but they are not. It takes days and weeks to get rid of the stench. Commercial areas are rendered useless; residential areas become waste dumps. This is nothing but illegal collective punishment for unproven crimes. This is nothing but unjustifiable police and army violence. This is nothing but state-terror.

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