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British Soldier In Trench | Western Front WW1

A few days ago, in September's War, I commented on how an operational plan of the IDF regarding the attack of Palestine after the declaration of its independence next September could be evaluated through a document issued by the IDF Civil Administration in the West Bank. An order signed by this body enabled the sizing of more lands in strategic parts of the West Bank, especially the Jordan Valley, enabling the IDF to improve its positions – and further block Palestinians – in a possible armed conflict in the near future. This is a clear sign Israel is preparing for a war with Palestine in the very near future since such an order by the Civil Administration enables the immediate construction of military oriented structures by Israel.

Trusting such a document is difficult. This is especially true due to its source, it was passed to the Rabbis for Human Rights under the Freedom of Information Law, and from there reached the press. Yet, it fits Israeli policies since 1967 and thus is credible. Moreover, subsequent events and declarations of the Israeli Administration seem to confirm Bibi is planning a war against Palestine to warm up his winter nights.

Israeli media exercises self-censorship on many issues. The closure of Hadashot by the Military Censor following disclosures in the Vanunu case is a vivid reminder to all of them to keep a low profile and a treacherous conduct towards their vocation. The Whole World is against us is the quintessential mantra used to kill critics (and if that doesn’t works, snipers may do the rest). Thus, if finding detailed military information on the mainstream media, it means it had been pushed there by the Israeli Administration; especially so if the article mentions unspecified “Israeli sources” and senior Shin Beth officers. That was the case today – July 25, 2011 – when Haaretz published a detailed article on the weapons race around the Gaza Strip.

The article claims that the revolutions in the Arab world, especially the Egyptian security forces' diminished control in the Sinai, have allowed the Palestinians to exponentially increase their weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip. It claims that in the past few months, Hamas has acquired improved high-trajectory rockets, ready-made explosive devices, anti-tank missiles and possibly anti-aircraft missiles. Former Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter told Haaretz that "the Sinai went from being an area through which they smuggle weapons to an area through which they simply transfer weapons, no Egyptian security official dares to confront the Bedouin anymore." Dichter said the construction of the steel fence on the Rafah border, which Egypt began in the last year of Hosni Mubarak's rule, had been stopped, and parts of it were already being dismantled by the Bedouin. He added that Iran and Hamas want to concentrate large stores of weapons in Gaza and, when the opportunity arises, deliver them to the West Bank. Moreover, he claims that the civil war in Libya opened new opportunities for weapons smugglers after the Libyan army lost control of vast weapons stores in the east of the country.

In other words, Haaretz published a scary article, that may serve as a base – in the eyes of most Israelis at least - for many illegitimate and violent acts by the State of Israel. These would be justified as “preemptive self-defense” or any other post 9/11 nonsense (they can’t seriously claim to know the future and justify committing a crime on the base of such knowledge). It looks almost as an inwards complement of the Civil Administration order mentioned at the beginning of this article. The Israeli Administration hydra is making a coordinated attack, sending each one of its noxious heads in a different direction.

This assessment was confirmed by a third related event involving the Prime Minister's Bureau. Benjamin Netanyahu’s staff confirmed today that the National Security Council is discussing alternatives ahead of September and will soon present them for consideration by the political echelon. Israeli National Security Adviser Ya'akov Amidror is looking into calling off the Oslo Accords in response to the Palestinian Authority's plan to gain United Nations recognition for its independence. The planned resolution will call on the United Nations to recognize a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders as a full UN member; it seems the long awaited resolution will get over 140 votes in favor.

In such a case, Israel would unilaterally nullify the Oslo Agreements, which are the base for all Palestinian-Israeli relations until now. This would be the equivalent of a war declaration against Palestine. As such, it explains the Civil Administration recent decision to rob more lands and today’s scary headlines. Bibi goes to war. This time, the joke will be on him.

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