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Shiber Shiber, Beit Beit, Dar Dar, Zenga Zenga



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March 2011 | Widespread Protests March 2011 | Widespread Protests

March 2011 | Widespread Protests


Shiber shiber, beit beit, dar dar, zenga zenga” is Arabic for “inch inch, house house, apartment apartment, alleyway alleyway. The Israeli music producer Noy Alooshe re-mixed Gadhafi’s speech from May 2 with a song by rappers Pitbull and T-Pain and used this catchy phrase of the speech as its central theme. The clip became a worldwide hit with more than 3 million hits. Three out of the four words would be recognizable by most Hebrew speakers. Moreover, the idea behind it is a recurring theme in the endless attempts of the indefatigable conspirators to instill terror in the Israeli population. The “Salami System” is what the Israeli Administration claims the Palestinians are using as their negotiation technique. Why salami? Because they attempt eating Israel one slice at the time. In this context Gadhafi’s words are a frightening – though indirect - reminder to Israelis. Probably, this was the subliminal message Noy was attempting to convey in the name of his operators. Let me reprise them with the same coin.

Shiber shiber, beit beit, dar dar, zenga zenga; Tunisia, Egypt. Libya, Yemen. Israel.

In Israel’s Mubarak and other articles, I claimed Israel may easily become the next uprising society in the Middle East. The oppression in Israel and the Occupied Territories is worse than in any other of the struggling societies in the area. In Netanyahu’s March Offensive, I showed how plans of a new speech in March show that Netanyahu is worried and shares at least some of my thoughts on the issue. Shiber shiber, beit beit, dar dar, zenga zenga; Tel Aviv TelAviv, Jerusalem Jerusalem, Haifa Haifa, Nablus Nablus.

March 2011 | Widespread Protests March 2011 | Widespread Protests March 2011 | Widespread Protests

March 2011 | Widespread Protests

Away from the headlines, a process is beginning. It’s popular as it was in the neighboring countries. The main sign of that is that it includes Jews and Palestinians protesting independently and uncoordinatedly.

On March 3, 2011, a “Rage Day” – term usually used elsewhere - was declared by Jewish settlers. All the pictures in this article belong to their protests. They blocked the access to Jerusalem near Latrun, streets in Jerusalem, the El Al Junction next to the Ben Gurion International Airport and other spots, including an unsuccessful attempt to detain a train.

The Palestinian Member of the Knesset Ahmed Tibi (from the Ta'al party), who took part in the Palestinian demonstrations at the outbreak of the second Intifada in September 2000, hinted that in a recent interview to the Hebrew media. Apparently, the Palestinians, who had protested in small scale against the separation wall in Bil'in and Na'alin, may try now to emulate the Egyptian Tahrir Square Protests. Beyond this interview, there are other signs on the ground. On February 23, a Grad missile was fired at Be'er Sheva by an Islamic Jihad squad. The fiery sermon of GYusuf Qaradawi in Cairo’s Tahrir Square has encouraged the morale of the Hamas leadership in Gaza, who apparently is planning similar events against Israel in their fiefdom. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority continues to suppress Hamas in the West Bank, but even Abbas knows that is a lost battle. Riyad al-Malki, the Palestinian foreign minister, claimed on Wednesday that by September 150 countries would recognize the Palestinian state if the Palestinian Authority was to declare unilateral independence toward the end of this year.

Netanyahu is scared. He announced beforehand his Second Bar-Ilan Speech, where apparently he would made new concessions. But his language is becoming insecure and erratic. When in the same week it was suggested that he agree to the Saudi initiative as the basis for an agreement with the Palestinians, he answered: “Have you gone crazy?” While talking to Likud party members this week, Netanyahu said that he has no intention of "banging his head against the wall" by expanding construction in the West Bank at the moment. He is no longer invited to summits abroad, and he himself became a recluse in Jerusalem’s bunkers. Netanyahu is losing ground in the polls. Defense Minister Ehud Barak does not have enough votes to enter the Knesset.

Read my lips, Netanyahu. It’s all about Human Rights and Justice. Shiber shiber, beit beit, dar dar, zenga zenga we’ll get them. With or without you.

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