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Armageddon’s Trigger

"Also Messiah jumped, It was announced that he died"



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Azrieli Center | On Tel Aviv’s Eastern Edge

Azrieli Center | On Tel Aviv’s Eastern Edge


Waiting for Messiah: On Hebrew Rock Music


“An accident to whom,
Asks Artzieli the son,
An accident to the state,
Answers the pitiable policeman,
The stock exchange is in free fall,
People are jumping from the roofs,
Also Messiah jumped,
It was announced he died.”

In early 2010, I published an article named Waiting for Messiah: On Hebrew Rock Music, where I commented on the album of the same name published in the far past by Shalom Hanoch.

When the album was issued, its text became an immediate hit, even at the remote Jordan Valley kibbutz where I was living at the time. Two of its texts became prophetic. Maybe because they were Pygmalion prophecies; self-fulfilling predictions frantically pushed by their devotees. The song “Waiting for Messiah” made a clear reference to a crash of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in the eighties, while “He Doesn’t Stop at Red Lights” correctly predicted the future of Ariel Sharon. Both were quite scary and thus mixed well in the indefatigable conspirators’ attempts to intimidate us to death; I described other such attempts—including the use of George Orwell’s 1984 at school—in The Cross of Bethlehem. Probably that’s the reason why the administration didn’t censor them. Israel didn’t have any scruples in censoring songs. After the Yom Kippur War, Yitzhak Rabin had prohibited the Army Radio to broadcast the Song for Peace. Years later, he would be assassinated minutes after having sung it during a peace rally in Tel Aviv.

Today, I was preparing this article, and remembered the catchy lines; after all, the name Artzieli is strikingly similar to Azrieli, our hero today.

New Zionist Century Endangered


Netanyahu is desperate. A guillotine was placed for his personal use on Tel Aviv and he is unable to solve the social problems that led to its being put there. I was told by a reliable source that he is reluctant of using the guillotine. Discrimination and racism are also raising their ugly head, most notoriously with recent words by Shlomo Maoz. Until he uttered them, he was the main economist of Excellence Nassua, a prominent Israeli investment company. Among other pearls, he said that Bank Leumi is a “white bank” and that the Supreme Court is an “Ashkenazi Court.” Netanyahu keeps issuing terror scares, some of them have been even commented upon here, most recently in Military Rabbinate Plans Third Temple.

Truth is simple; if Netanyahu does not undermine representative government, representative government would undermine him and the entire Israeli oligarchy. The only way he can undermine it is by creating such a dire situation that people would accept every abuse and violation of their rights. In other words, Netanyahu needs a war.

By the end of 2011, things looked bad. On June, Israel had provided a casus belli event to Syria, by assassinating Syrian civilians on Syrian territory. However, Syria didn’t declare war on Israel. Then, Israel lost its closest military ally in the Middle East. Following the Freedom Flotilla Affair, Turkey reduced the diplomatic relations between the countries down to a minimum, but didn’t declare war on Israel. Then the unthinkable happened, the Palestinians passed the first stage of recognition by the UN, but were then brutally stopped by Israel at the Security Council. Yet, on October 31, UNESCO granted Palestine full membership, with 107 votes in favor, 14 against and 52 abstentions. Israel severely warned Palestinians to delay the process at other UN agencies, and cut the transfer of custom revenues to Palestine. Instead of declaring an Independence War, Palestinians complied since they wanted Israel to unfreeze their custom revenues. I already reviewed how a German submarine defended Palestine; all these before even mentioning Iran and the ongoing Israeli threats in that direction. Eventually, Netanyahu failed in all his Machiavellian machinations. War was not declared on Israel, and his fiefdom continued crumbling from inside. Lie after lie, plot after plot, provocation after provocation; everything failed for Netanyahu.

Netanyahu needs an Armageddon’s Trigger, an Israeli parallel to 9/11. Years ago, David Azrieli provided one.

Azrieli Center


In the late nineties, I was sitting with Arik Caspi, the son of the Jewish terrorist who blew up Jerusalem’s King David Hotel back in the 1940s and one of the dark stars in The Cross of Bethlehem, when out of the blue he told me:

“It will fill Tel Aviv’s center with glass.” This form of speech was typical of this overgrown art-student. Taking another sip of my coffee, I asked for clarifications. Was he planning to outperform his father?

“If Azrieli Center blows up or a plane crashes on it, Tel Aviv’s center would be covered in glass.” I didn’t take this too seriously; after all, 9/11 was still in the future. Yet, his idea was frightening. Especially considering his Mossad connections.

Back then, the center wasn’t finished. It was called Shalom Center. Shortly after, David Azrieli chose to follow the ego-trip path and changed the center’s name. There is another sign of this; the center includes three skyscrapers, rising above a large shopping mall. One of the towers is square, the other circular and the third triangular. It is said each tower represents the shape of the letters in his wife’s name: NOA. The circular tower has 49 floors and is 187m in height, making it the second tallest building in Israel, after the nearby Moshe Aviv Tower in Ramat Gan (the latter hides behind the towers shown in the picture above).

The towers are located next to the main highway separating Tel Aviv from Ramat Gan. The highway connects Gush Dan——Tel Aviv’s Metropolitan Area——with Jerusalem and the nearby Ben Gurion International Airport. Tel Aviv downtown is from where the picture above was taken. The buildings are located not only on a superb location to be hit in a variety of ways, but also at the very center of Israel’s main city. Not only would the city be covered with glass, but also life and transport there would be penurious for a long period of time. If attacked, it would be not treated as an overlooked casus belli.

Mr. Netanyahu, is Azrieli Center your Armageddon’s Trigger? Would you destroy the towers and then falsely blame an Iranian missile attack? Is that why Israeli media gave recently so much space to Hezbollah’s next targets? Are Haaretz (see Is the Vatican Training Hezbollah?) and other Israeli media patsies preparing the ground for the Israeli public acceptance that the largest real estate project in Israel and the Middle East, was destroyed in a terrorist attack. Wouldn’t that be nice for your career, Mr Netanyahu? Would you give the task to Caspi Junior, so that:

In those days they shall say no more, The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children's teeth are set on edge. Jeremiah 31:29.

Take your time, Mr. Bibi. You can answer by email, though I understand in this case you may prefer to let me see the results.

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