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The Cross of Bethlehem

The Cross of Bethlehem II

Israel Attacks Haredim Protesting State's Grave Digging

fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hellMatthew 10:28



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On August 12 and 13, 2013, massive protests of Ultra-Orthodox Jews blocked Beit Shemesh and parts of Jerusalem. They ended with the detention of at least twenty men by the police. On August 14, a prominent rabbi was appointed to decide on the grave digging that caused the protests.

Violence erupted after a few protesters entered a construction site in Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem, and were violently thrown out by security wards. The two sides began throwing stones at each other, and the protest became massive.

Haredi Protests in Jerusalem, near Nehama Bakery

Haredi Protests in Jerusalem, near Nehama Bakery
The Grave Robber's Apprentice

Haredi Protests in Beit Shemesh

Haredi Protests in Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem
Lawyers or Grave Robbers?

Soon afterwards, fire broke out in the vicinity, and mayhem began. Ephraim Cohen—a protesters—claimed that one of the security guards came out of the construction site with a tractor, "and almost ran over one of the demonstrators." The pictures show the protesters running away from the attack.

"I was pushed and I fell to the ground, and broke my glasses. I'm a Cohen so I cannot enter a site that has graves, that is why I protest from outside the site, but there was no provocation on our part. We will stay here and protest as long as they keep working in that place and digging up," he added.

Later on, Atra Kadisha set trash bins on fire in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Geula and Mea Shearim in Jerusalem.

Ultra-Orthodox Reaction

The protests had been organized and were a reaction to the two-year long violation of the site in Beit Shemesh. A poster—Ultra-Orthodox Jews favorite newspaper format— was stuck on Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh streets saying: "As remembered, when construction work on the site began two years ago, the area revealed pits one by one. The site developers tried claiming the area was not on burial caves, but 'grain and oil warehouses'. A year later, after a long delay by the developers, the matter was decided by Badatz [Ultra-Orthodox Court of Justice], which ordered the investigation of three caves.

"The investigation was indeed performed, and all three caves revealed large rolling stones which indicate these are burial caves, and human bones were also found," it added and ended "prepare to protect the burial caves with devotion!"

Haredi Protests in Jerusalem, near Nehama Bakery

Haredi Protests in Jerusalem, near Nehama Bakery

Did you know? "Haredinsect"


Who is Who?

It is difficult to find a bad word on Jewish organizations in the Hebrew media. There are two notorious exceptions: Neturei Karta and Atra Kadisha. The first is quite quiet; seldom do they make notorious public appearances. In sharp contrast, the second is often involved in protests and even in physical attacks by the State. Why are Jewish Israelis attacking Atra Kadisha? What people taking care of proper burial and of graves maintenance could have done to Zionists?

Atra Kadisha+ is a small Ultra-Orthodox group that in the 1950s took upon itself the task of protecting Jewish graves; its members are related to "Hevrat Kadisha," the organization that takes care of dead Jews in Israel. It could be dismissed as another Jewish racist organization if they wouldn't have become over the years the principal protectors of Palestinian graves.

They have become the unofficial inspectors of construction sites; they decide what to do if ancient graves are found. Sometimes the graves are moved, in other cases the new constructions respect the graves, and in rare cases the construction is abandoned. However, they recommendations are not always adopted.

Haredi Protests in Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem

Haredi Protests in Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem
The Gravedigger File: Papers on the Subversion of the Modern Church

In July 2010, Atra Kadisha held a series of hot protests next to the Andromeda Hill++ complex in Jaffa, where old Palestinian graves were found. Hundreds of Atra Kadisha protesters flooded the area in an attempt to stop the construction works.

Most large construction sites in Israel face such protests. Simply, in a place with such a long history, there are always graves under the ground. Dig at a random place for long enough and grave and archeological sites would certainly appear.

The protests are repudiated by most of the Israeli public, including most Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Many of the latter claim that Atra Kadisha goes too far in its zealot attitude toward graves, because they protect all graves and not just Jewish ones.

What's the point on the attacks against Atra Kadisha? As of now, most of the graves being protected by Atra Kadisha belong to Palestinians. The Jewish public doesn't care for the latter. The financial damages inflicted by Atra Kadisha (delays and transference of graves costs) are considered a waste. Accordingly, the building contractors elite—Shimon Peres' brother was a prominent member of this cabal—which generously supports the attacks on Atra Kadisha for the sake of their own deep pockets. The State automatically approves their grave digging.

This is not the end

On August 14—while his people are still buried alive in the Zionists' dungeons—Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky from Beni Brak sent three Ultra-Orthodox judges to visit the site and decide if there are graves in it. Meanwhile, the construction was stopped, and the site is surrounded by police.

An amazing fact showing the ignorance of the constructors is that the new buildings are part of an Utra-Orthodox neighborhood. They won't buy houses constructed above graves. The Zionist-constructors just want to show their supremacy and power over Haredim.

In parallel, Atra Kadisha sent a delegation to Rabbi Kanievsky, who is highly regarded by Ultra-Orthodox communities in order to present the case. He is expected to decide on the issue in the next days. The State won't necessarily adopt it.

What Zionists do not understand—they always fail on this—is that this attitude will be used against them. If they do not respect others, they won't be respected. While destroying old tombs, Zionists are digging their own graves.


+ Due to these languages' root system, Hebrew and Aramaic names tell a lot. That's the case with "Atra Kadisha," an Aramaic name adopted by a Jewish Ultra-Orthodox community. In Hebrew it should have been "Atar Kadosh," and it means "Holy Site," referring to cemeteries.

++ About 20 years ago, an exclusive project named "Andromeda Hill" was constructed in Jaffa. In the large picture at the center of this page, the Andromeda Rock (this is the place enjoyed by Andromeda from Greek Mythology) can be seen at the bottom left. The massive building in front of it is Andromeda Hill; an apartment costs around $2 million. The project changed the image of the area, which is mainly Palestinian and humble. See Judaizing Jaffa.

Old Jaffa, Andromeda Rock on the bottom left

Old Jaffa, Andromeda Rock on the bottom left

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