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It was a statistical certainty. One of my Christian supporters contacted me by the end of July – roughly one year after the brutal attack of the Mossad on me – and offered to contact the Knesset on my behalf. The first thought after I read the email was the title of this article. I had no doubt what the result of such an approach would be.

I couldn’t accept the offer for clear reasons. Israel is not a sovereign state and the UN defined it as a terror state. My approaching it may have been interpreted as my recognition of its authority; moreover, it could be claimed that by talking with its authorities I was collaborating with a terror organization. Yet, I couldn’t tell the supporter what to do. “It’s your call,” was my answer.

Shortly after, I got an email containing a copy of a letter sent to all the members of the Knesset. I was not copied there, it was a separate email. The letter contained a general description of my condition, my having been attacked by Meir Dagan’s criminals and a demand to give me back all that was stolen from me.

To my surprise, five of the addressees responded. The most senior was from Dan Meridor’s office (Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister). Among the others were Nahman Shai, Marina Solodkin, and Alex Miller. Of course, all the answers were negative. As far as I can say, not even one of them bothered reading The Cross of Bethlehem.

One of the answers was fascinating. Marina Kryskin-Reizman, Parliamentary Assistant to MK Alex Miller wrote: “We have received your letter and have checked into the matter. I am sorry to tell you that we, at the Knesset, have no authority to help in this matter.”

The Knesset, the legislative body of the State of Israel, claims it has no authority to help on crimes committed by a supposedly subordinate organization. It proves again that the terror organization known as Mossad acts as a mercenary army. Who do they serve? Elders of Zion would be a succinct and accurate answer.

Mr. Dagan, let me just remind you of the title of The Cross of Bethlehem last chapter: “This is not the End.”

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