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Israelis say: “A Good Arab is a Dead Arab”

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>“Aravi Tov – Good Arab

“Aravi Tov” – “Good Arab” | Poster by Lahav Halevy, see explanation in the article below


Jews Burn another Mosque

It isn’t the first time it happens. It isn’t even the first time I comment on similar events. As recently as October 3, 2011, I analyzed in Jewish Terror Hits Tuba the burning of the mosque in Tuba-Zangariyye. The last is a Bedouin village between Safed and the Golan Heights. This is well within the Green Line, well within what is recognized as Israel by several countries, including the USA. Many of this village’s denizens serve in the IDF. In this attack, the entire interior of the mosque went up in flames, causing heavy damage also to holy books. Graffiti with the words “Price Tag” was found on the wall of the mosque. “Price Tag” is a term coined in 2008 by Jewish settlers (see the abovementioned article for details) for their violent actions against whatever they consider a threat. Reluctantly, Zionist politicians were quick to issue condemns, but did nothing showing silent support for Jewish violence.

Yesterday, this encouragement ended in another attack. The mosque in the village of Burqa, near Ramallah, was doused with gasoline and set afire. Hebrew graffiti appeared on the charred walls, relating the violent act to Jews. The word “milhama” (“war” in Hebrew) was drawn in red, and was widely reported by international media. American media was more restrictive with a different graffiti on the site, which said: “aravi tov u aravi met.” This is Hebrew for “A Good Arab is a Dead Arab.” Venezuelan and Spanish television networks showed the writing on the wall, but missed its meaning. Later that day, Hebrew media reluctantly repeated unwilling condemnations by Israeli politicians. Again, nothing would be done.

Nasty Street Phrase

>“A Good Arab is a Dead Arab

“aravi tov u aravi met” | “A Good Arab is a Dead Arab”


It would be easy to claim the obscene graffiti was written by violent extremists who represent just themselves. It would be easy to claim they are just uneducated people seeking racism as a solution to their problems. It would be easy but wrong. This time, the graffiti is on the wall.

If asking Israelis, they would just say that this is a “nasty street phrase,” and that it is used exclusively after acts of extreme violence perpetrated by Arabs. Reality is different.

The first picture on this page portrays a poster designed by Lahav Halevy, an Israeli artist, several years ago. Oddly, his name means “Blade of the Levy;” please allow me not to comment on this. He sells the poster as part of his artistic output. The product was professionally prepared using minimalist lines and a smart design. The poster is obviously not the result of a hothead redneck seeking revenge. Its top line reads: “Good Arab.” Below it: “Yasser Arafat 1929-2004.” One could claim this is a respectful poster honoring the Palestinian leader. However, every Israeli would recognize the first half of the nasty street phrase: “A Good Arab is a Dead Arab” (the “a” is not needed in this Hebrew phrase). A phrase Israelis would prefer now not to have coined, it is proving as not being exactly a nasty street phrase, but part of the consensus. The poster wasn’t banned; many Israelis hung it proudly in their living rooms and watch it seeking for inspiration while chatting with their friends over a bowl of pistachios on Friday nights. The artist was left to keep producing his racist art freely. Can you imagine what would happen if an artist in New York would create a parallel work saying: “A Good Jew is a…?” All of the sudden, hate laws would come into existence and, probably, he would be jailed for life.

“Dear Roi Tov, you are exaggerating. Who knows this artist? What was his name? You’re joking right?” This could be a typical Israeli reaction to this article until now. Open denial of what they know is their racist reality.

Yoram Kaniuk is one of the best known Hebrew writers alive. He is also a journalist and theater critic, so that he is known also beyond literary circles. In 1988, he published a book named “Confessions of a Good Arab.” In Hebrew, it has been published also as “A Good Arab.” The title includes the first half of the nasty street phrase. I won’t comment on the book content at this opportunity, but would like to comment on its cover:

>“A Good Arab | Yoram Kaniuk

“A Good Arab” | Yoram Kaniuk


If someone has still any doubts what does the “Good Arab” title at the bottom refers to, then please take a look at the head drawn above it. Its top is red with what looks as a bullet wound. The nasty street phrase has been successfully conveyed to the reader, part in text, and the less polite part in a schematic drawing. “A Good Arab is a Dead Arab,” Israelis say at every opportunity. They say so on the streets, in their homes, in their books and even on the mosques they burn in their free time. Sadly, this is not the end of the Palestinian Kristallnacht. Zionist violence – under the silent approval of its leaders – will continue. After all, Jews seek good, and a good Arab is…

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