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On February 18, 2012, Annelies Marie (Anne) Frank, a German-born Jew who perished in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, was posthumously baptized by a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Dominican Republic. This was disclosed by Helen Radkey, a former member of the church, who told the Huffington Post that she discovered Frank's name on a database open only to Mormons. Jewish rights advocate Simon Wiesenthal and his parents were similarly honored.


Anne Frank’s Cult


Simon Wiesenthal

Simon Wiesenthal


“The horror, the horror.” Joseph Conrad could have finished a story taking place in a kibbutz, a community resembling the described in Heart of Darkness. I described in the past how we—high school students in a Jordan Valley kibbutz—had been brainwashed with stories about our grandparents having been made into soap. No human DNA was ever found in the infamous soap bars; it was just another scary Israeli soap-opera. Another key topic in our indoctrination into constant fear was the story of a young girl named Anne Frank.

Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt and died in early March 1945 in Bergen Belsen. She is one of the most renowned Jewish victims of the Holocaust due to her diaries. These were discovered and published after the war with the name The Diary of a Young Girl. Over time she became an important topic in Israeli high schools, to the extent that some history classes seem to be dedicated to a Cult of Anne Frank.

Back in 1998, shortly after a disastrous visit to Zurich, I was invited again by Dow Chemical to a conference in Amsterdam. Upon my return to Israel, everybody asked if I had visited the Anne Frank House. Anything else was irrelevant, despite my never having had noticed the Anne Frank Altar at the office. During the Defensive Shield Operation, I met Dutch citizens standing at Bethlehem’s northern entrance. They were there day after day, giving flowers and postcards to the soldiers. Some of the postcards featured the picture of the revered Mademoiselle Frank. These people couldn’t understand who the aggressor was. They were blind to Palestinian victims. They had fallen victims to an ideological weapon called “Anne Frank.” This weapon—and similar ones—has been coldly used to self-portray the State of Israel as a victim. Yet, in October 2009, it was defined by the UN General Assembly as a terror inflicting entity. I’m sure most Dutch have been educated on Christian values and know for sure the value of Compassion and Love, but they were applying it toward the bloody butchers.

For a long while, the new cult worked out quite fine for its false priests. However, it was bound to backfire.



Foggy | Jewish Doctrine



Proxy Baptism


Baptism is one of the most recognized events of a Christian life. It symbolizes the transition of the person baptized into Christianity, though it is not essential, as one of the non-baptized thieves crucified with Jesus was told: Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise (Luke 23:43). Most mainstream Christian denominations, including Catholic, Lutheran and Calvinist churches, do not accept posthumous baptism (also known as proxy baptism, because a living person, acting as proxy, is baptized on behalf of a deceased person). This has to do with the acceptance of the conversion; the dead person obviously cannot consent to the event. This consent is so important, that in churches where baptism of children is accepted, the child is required to pass a confirmation ceremony once he—or she—is old enough to understand what he is doing; then he declares his faith, which was the part missing during the original event.

However, other interpretations exist. With respect to proxy baptism, the most notorious one belongs to the Latter Day Saints movement, often referred to as Mormons. They believe posthumous baptism by proxy allows deceased persons to receive the Gospel in the afterlife. The church believes departed souls can then accept or reject the baptismal rites. Since they recognize also the Book of Mormon as holy, and do not accept the Nicene Creed (a short summary of Christian beliefs dating back to the 4th century), there is no other way but referring to them as a sect. Accordingly, Christian and Mormon baptisms are not mutually recognized.

Judaism also doesn’t recognize baptism. That is to the extent Orthodox Jews won’t recognize a Jewish convert to Christianity as such. “It’s just a bit of meaningless water,” I’ve heard Haredim saying while referring to the baptism issue. Yet, reality is different, with proxy baptisms being openly criticized over the Hebrew media. The fact is that Orthodox Jews are particularly offended by this, especially with respect to Holocaust victims, to the extent that the baptism of Holocaust survivors was barred by a 1995 agreement with the mainstream church. Yet, the agreement didn’t include the Mormons.


Queen Elizabeth


An easy way of controlling a civilian population is unifying it behind a leadership figure. In their endless envy of Jesus, states often manipulate historical and political figures so that they would mimic the unifying capabilities of Christianity. A remarkable example of this was Queen Elizabeth I, who following a long Catholic-Protestant schism in her kingdom unified it by becoming the Virgin Queen and Head of the Church of England. This was an undisguised attempt to portray herself as Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. Did she design the strategy, or was she convinced by Walsingham, the Machiavellian father of all Western security services? We’ll never know for sure.

Eventually, someone in the Jewish camp noticed that after a few hundred years the strategy worked quite fine. As a precaution—they didn’t want a living queen—they chose an already dead virgin. Shortly after, the Cult of Anne Frank began. Sadly, there was no way the State of Israel could claim monopoly on a German girl who died several years before its foundation. It was just a matter of time until she would be adopted by others; consequently, she was a few days ago. It is just a matter of time until “new and recent analyses” would disclose signs she was in fact a Christian, or a Mormon, or whatever the manipulating entity behind the event desires. Israel tried to play God; it backfired.

Mademoiselle Frank, let me apologize. We all struggle for freedom. Not for a single one, but for all freedoms promised by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some people are using you—and others—as an excuse for robbing them from us. Thus, please take no offense, but I’ll skip your writings, even if you were proxy-baptized.

Notice: I am not a Holocaust denier. Moreover, I do not deny the Anne Frank diaries. However, this statement was added to the article due to the terror caused by Holocaust denial laws, and thus carries no legal weight.
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