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Notice: I am not a Holocaust denier. Moreover, I do not deny the Anne Frank diaries. However, this statement was added to this article due to the terror caused by Holocaust denial laws and thus carries no legal weight.

“The horror, the horror.” Joseph Conrad could have finished in such a way a story taking place in a kibbutz, another type of “Heart of Darkness.” I described in the past how we – high school students in a Jordan Valley kibbutz – had been brainwashed with stories about our grandparents having been made into soap. No human DNA was ever found in the infamous soap bars; it was just another scary Jewish soap opera. Another key topic in the indoctrination into constant fear was the story of a young girl named Anne Frank.

Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt and died in early March 1945 in Bergen Belsen. She is one of the most renowned Jewish victims of the Holocaust, due to her diaries that were discovered and published after the war with the name The Diary of a Young Girl. Over time she became an important topic in Israeli high schools, to the degree some history classes look like dedicated to a Cult of Anne Frank.

Back in 1998, shortly after my disastrous visit to Zurich, I was invited again by Dow Chemical to a conference in Amsterdam. Upon my return to Israel, everybody asked if I had visited the Anne Frank House there. Anything else was irrelevant, despite my never having had noticed the Anne Frank Altar at the office.

The repercussions to my first visit to Dow in Zurich took some time, but eventually the Israeli security services found some of my contacts with Christians. In 2002 I was put to test by the Israeli military machine. The IDF unexpectedly sent me to Bethlehem during the siege to the Nativity Basilica there. The events are described in The Cross of Bethlehem , and ended in my sabotaging my military unit (I was an IDF reserve captain and sub-commandant of a company) and hurryingly leaving Israel forever. During the operation, one of the points I frequented was the junction separating Bethlehem from Jerusalem. The place was simply called “The Gate,” due to its being the main access point to Bethlehem and featured a large and improvised military base on the highway itself. The military base entrance was a gathering place for civilians. Israeli citizens brought us food – I describe the logistic disaster of the operation in The Cross of Bethlehem – and foreigners brought support. Yes, that’s right, Dutch citizens stood there day after day, giving flowers and postcards to the soldiers. Some of the postcards featured the picture of the revered Mademoiselle Frank. Hail Anne!

For some reason, these Dutch citizens couldn’t understand who the aggressor was. They were blind to the Palestinian victims. They had fell victims to an ideological weapon called “Anne Frank.” This weapon – together with similar ones – had been coldly used to self-portray the State of Israel – recently defined as a Terrorist Entity due to the crimes committed by the IDF in Gaza – as a victim. I’m sure most of the Dutch had been educated on Christian values and knew for sure the value of Compassion and Love, but they were applying it toward the bloody butchers.

The State of Israel constantly and purposely uses ideological weapons as means for denying basic freedoms promised to all of us. “We did suffer during the Holocaust; Anne died just before the camp was liberated,” this and similar arguments are used like Buddhist mantras to justify the ongoing violation of Human Rights by the State of Israel. Why it always leads to the financial and political profits of a small elite and to an ideological – even physical sometimes – slavery of the masses, is a secret not revealed to us by the Zionist leaders. The Cult of Anne Frank is a secret one.

Mademoiselle Frank, let me apologize. This is a struggle for freedom. Not of a single one, but for all freedoms promised to us by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some people are using you – and others – as an excuse for robbing them from us. Thus, please take no offense, but I’ll skip your writings. May God have mercy on your soul.

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