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Who is Yigal Amir?

On November 4, 1995, Yigal Amir assassinated the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Born to a Jewish Orthodox family, he served at the IDF as a Hesder soldier, combining a service at the Golani Infantry Brigade with religious studies at the Yavneh Kerem Yeshiva. Afterwards, he became a law and computer science student at the Jewish religious Bar-Ilan University.

Yigal Amir | Yitzhak Rabin's Assassin

Yigal Amir | Yitzhak Rabin's Assassin

He had been approached by a state underground agent named Avishai Raviv. Later, it became known the codename of this agitator was “Champagne.” These rotten bubbles provoked Yigal Amir to commit the murder.

No Forgiveness

Amir defended himself in court using religious Jewish interpretations, but to no avail; he was sentenced to life imprisonment and an additional secondary sentence.

Strangely enough, the judges claimed in the sentence that: “He who so calmly cuts short another's life, only proves the depth of wretchedness to which his values have fallen, and thus he does not merit any regard whatsoever, except pity, because he has lost his humanity.” I’ll return to this point later.

Yigal Amir’s sentence has not been reduced by any Israeli president since then and all Prime Ministers have stated that Amir would not be released from jail. A special law was passed denying pardon for any assassin of a prime minister (in constitutionless Israel, regular citizens lives are worth less than the one of a Prime Minister). His appeals had been rejected.

A Son and a Wife of Choice

Larisa Trembovler met Amir earlier, when he was teaching Judaism in Russia as an Israeli government emissary. While in jail, she visited him with her first husband. She and Yigal began to correspond. She divorced her first husband and became engaged with Yigal. Through this correspondence, Amir met the woman of his dreams.

However, in January 2004, the Israel Prison Service announced that it would prohibit Amir from marrying in jail; the Tel Aviv District Court upheld the decision. Since in Israel there are no civil marriages – all these ceremonies are held by religious authorities and later recognized by the state, Yigal Amir and Larisa married in August of the same year through a special ceremony. Yigal gave his father "power of attorney" to transfer a wedding ring to his bride; soon afterwards, the event was validated by a Rabbinical Court, the relevant authority in the Israeli system.

The Ministry of Interior refused to accept the Rabbinical Court decision, but in February 2006 Israel’s Attorney General ordered the ministry to register the married couple. Being the Israeli authorities vindictive in nature – especially when lacking legal base for their actions – the prison administration denied the couple conjugal visits.

In an attempt to solve the familiar problem created, Amir applied for a permit to the Israeli Prison Service to get a child with Larissa through in vitro fertilization. In March 2006 the service agreed to the petition, though through an artificial insemination process. A week later Amir was caught when trying to give his wife a plastic bag with semen, and their meetings were ended.

Later, since late October 2006, the couple was allowed conjugal visits. in October 2007, Larissa gave birth to a son named Yinon Eliya Shalom. Showing their grandeur again, the Israeli Prison Service denied Amir the right to participate in his son’s circumcision. A court decision allowed him to participate.

So, we have a convicted criminal – he was videotaped murdering – that eventually managed to marry the woman he loved and to have a child. I am not judging the events – let the dead take care of the dead – just mentioning these very important facts.

Yet, here I am. It is not only that I have not committed any crime, but the State of Israel has been found guilty of persecuting me and I have been recognized as a refugee under the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees.

The State of Israel has been actively violating my life, my privacy, approaching employers, potential employers and my whole social network, making sure I’ll be unable to lead a normal life. I survived a sniper attack in 2003 and recently a strangulation event. Beyond that, their goal seems to be keeping me unfed, without a proper bed and without friends.

$20000 for Your Daughter

An ugly activity held in parallel to the brutal violence of the State of Israel against me, is the attempt to control my social life. At least one member of any family in the church I am member was bought. They inform on me and try to manipulate my actions and opinions. The recent strangulation event was the result of people informing on my arrival and departure times.

A few years ago, several fathers in the congregation were approached by Israel and offered money if I married one of their daughters. They talked with their daughters (did they mention the money issue to them? I don’t know) and the daughters became very actively interested in me.

I suspected nothing, until two young women proved to have personal information about me that could came only from Israel. One of them re-enacted a very specific event of my past; she even change her hair color to resemble somebody else.

My answer was clear. I gave a special sermon on “Tests and Temptations,” I spoke about the “spiritual sons and daughters of Judas acting against Christians even now.” Afterwards, one of the fathers came to speak with me. “Brother, I have financial problems,” he admitted; he even mentioned the sum of $20000. He didn’t apologize. Another father said: “But it is only if you accept,” as a justification for the events. “You transformed your daughter into a prostitute without anyone touching her,” was my bold answer to both of them.

The real issue is putting me in a reality in which I would be not only without financial means, with a controlled social network, and without access to the media, but in which Israel would have access to my intimate life and able to make threats like: “Say that and we will cause harm to your wife.”

Again, there isn’t any arrest order against me. On the contrary I was recognized as a persecuted refugee; the State of Israel being the clear culprit. Where is the humanity Israeli judges talked about in the Yigal Amir case. Where are the values they cited in Yigal Amir’s sentence? Where is the Israeli law when the Israeli authorities decide arbitrarily – on political and religious issues – to persecute an Israeli citizen?

Even Yigal Amir was allowed to choose a wife and have a child.

Is the real issue of my persecution my being a Christian?

Is preaching Jesus a threat to Israel?

Is preaching peace and the Justice of the Lord a threat to those who claim to be the Chosen People?

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