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The Cross of Bethlehem

The Cross of Bethlehem II

Private Pays Price of Jewish Racism

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In the morning of November 13, 2013, Private Idan Atias was killed in Afula's Bus Terminal by a 16 year-old Palestinian from Arabe, near Jenin in the West Bank. The event reads like a Shakespearean tragedy of errors.

Tragedy of Errors

The killed lived in Nazareth Illit, a Jewish settlement near Nazareth. He left his home heading towards Base 80, near Hedera with bus 823. The trip is not long and features a snacks stop at Afula, the largest town in the Jezreel Valley. Base 80 is a training base for general soldiers. Idan was recruited just two weeks before his killing and was passing a basic course; apparently he was to be a cook or a hairdresser.

Against all odds, he fell asleep in the way to the military base. Usually, soldiers sleeping in a bus are in the way back home tired after a period of activity. As said, a tragedy of errors. His nap was so powerful that he didn't have a coffee in Afula, a place famous for the drink. His nap was so powerful that only the first stab in his neck woke him up.

The Palestinian boy was awake. He, Idan, and a female soldier were the only ones that remained in the bus while the other passengers run to buy a cup of black elixir. The boy was thinking of his brother and his cousin, both jailed in Israel.

Arrested Suspect

Arrested Suspect
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Only 16 and from the West Bank, he couldn't decipher the clear signs of a "jobnik." The soldier he decided to attack when the opportunity appeared was an unworthy target for his goal.

He stabbed him in the neck, the heart and several other parts. The female soldier ran out of the bus screaming in sheer terror. A soldier and a border police soldier run into the bus and detained the aggressor.

Idan Atias, who meanwhile woke up and was hysteric, died soon afterwards in the Afula hospital. The aggressor was injured by the soldiers who detained him and is now under custody in the Tiberias hospital.

The final incredible touch to this tragedy was given by the female soldier who was in the bus during the event. She serves as a guard in an undisclosed base. In the third error shaping the event, she forgot her weapon at home and could not react to the aggression. "Now I am sorry about that, I would prefer to be in jail and not to see him killed," the shocked girl declared inexplicably.

Egged Bus where Idan was killed

Egged Bus where Idan was killed
Shanghai Refuge

Thinking Warrior Statue

Thinking Warrior Statue in Afula, by Asaf Lifschitz, 2005


Racist's Boomerang

Tragic as it is, the event did not justify mentioning in international media, even if considering the unlikely chain of errors in it.

What convinced me to spend time on the issue was a background detail. The killed soldier was from Nazareth Illit;* veteran readers may remember the place from recent racist events commented here. In the October municipal elections, Shimon Gafsou was reelected as mayor.

Mayor Shimon Gafsou—Nazareth Illit

Mayor Shimon Gafsou—Nazareth Illit
The Nazareth Jesus Knew


In 2010, Gafsou ordered the municipality to confiscate Christmas trees from Christian houses. In January 2013, after publishing a racist bombshell ("There would be no Arabic schools!"), I thought that Mr. Gafsou was like a rotten leaf floating atop a stream of sewage. Moving downwards into the deep waters of eternal oblivion, he was unlikely to be heard again.

I was wrong. He returned with one of the most awesome racist texts ever published. In mid-April, Nazareth-Illit Mayor Shimon Gafsou published a pamphlet entitled "Report to the Citizen. What we have done. Nazareth Illit Jewish Forever!"

Mr. Gafsou's text was so extreme that Member of the Knesset Ilan Gilon complained to the Attorney General of Israel.** This happened just one day after Netanyahu prolonged a law banning mixed marriages, which has already led to legal processes against the Zionist regime by Jewish Members of the Knesset defining the law as racist.

Something is rotten in Zion. To those who missed it, I recommend reading Jewish Mayor: I've been called "Fascist, Thug, Racist", where Gafsou's indefatigable racism is presented in its full uglyness.

Here is one racist pearl: "I have been called fascist, thug, and racist, but all these condemnations and insults, even the threats and pressures will not scare me away and will not weaken my hands. I receive my strength from you, denizens of Nazareth Illit, that chose me to stand at the front of this righteous struggle, and that are not ready anymore, for the sake of beautifying our souls and the sanctification of democracy, to put the Jewish identity of the city in jeopardy."

Racism Boomerang Hitting Thrower

Racism Boomerang Hitting Thrower
Glacier Wooden Boomerang


Of course, this is nothing but a racist's boomerang

Back to Afula

The arrested suspect was quickly interrogated. He crossed from the West Bank without being detected by the army or the police. He claimed that he wanted to go to Tel Aviv, the big city to the south, but without hesitation he moved northwards towards Nazareth, the largest city in the north, where he could speak Arabic inconspicuously.

He was unlikely to make such a navigational error; he had already proved his capability to move accuratey and undetected across army posts. It is unthinkable that he was not aware of the racist remarks of the Jewish mayor. They have been on the news all along the last year, and we are just a couple of weeks after the municipal elections. The reelection of the racist mayor was certainly noted.

Once there, he went to the bus terminal and took bus 823, a fast line leading to Tel Aviv. When the bus crossed the Jewish town, Nazareth Illit, the boy noted the boarding soldiers.

Laboriously, the bus descended hilly Nazareth and reached the Jezreel Valley. Minutes later, the driver stopped for a well-earned Turkish coffee at Afula's bus terminal.

Seconds later, the racist's boomerang it back his deliverer.


Special Notice - Persecuted by Israel, Maimed by Bolivia

Under the leadership of Mr. Evo Morales, recipient of the 2006 Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights, I have been declared a Political Prisoner of Bolivia. My situation is acute, Western Human Rights organizations care not about those speaking against Israel, they do not care about those suffering under the violent hands of one of the main suppliers of "special sugar" to the West.
I attach here the bulk of a recent letter I sent to my lawyers, Despite their good will and astounding experience they failed to save my life. I am being punished illegitimately by beasts. I will keep publishing for as much as I can, but I am unlikely to survive here. Here is the text:

Tortured by Bolivia

I apologize for this obviously incomplete email, the reason for my withholding much of what is relevant will become obvious.
I have been violated in several occasions by the Bolivian Government. The technique was constant. I was gassed unconscious in my room (both in the church and the guesthouses) and they entered the room and committed crimes.
It has stopped since I have solved the gassing attempts, and started to secure my room upon entrance. Next time they try it will mean my death. They know that.
One of the violations consisted in the introduction of magnetic-operated electrodes in my mouth. Breaking gums, nerves and filling with my bare fingers I had pulled them out. I can't stand the pain anymore. Visiting dentists here is impossible; in no way can I secure the event.
Other tortures include low-voltage electrocution through my bed and shoes. I have solved this.
I have no access to safe water and food.
These are not Bolivian technologies. The last item invented by the people inhabiting the area was dehydrated potatoes. They never developed writing. They just copy from others.
Other tortures and constant pressure form my days here. Yet, I have published every day, unless facing urging administrative issues with the site, mainly fixing attacks on it.
I can’t withstand it any more. My mouth is an open wound. My throat has not healed from the Bolivian Government attack on 2009. My nose and hears are being torn apart. I can't be more detailed over the web.
A few months from now, my American ATM card will expire. Afterwards, I will be on the streets and probably dead within a few hours.

* Nazareth Illit means "Upper Nazareth." It is the archetypal Zionist stronghold watching over ancestral towns. The first parcels of lands used for the construction of the settlement were expropriated from Palestinians. Protests at this action reached the Supreme Court of Israel, which in 1955 accepted (HCJ 30/55) the government’s word that the sole purpose of the land was to erect government facilities. Its first neighborhood was completed in September 1956, Jewish settlers moved in immediately after. The settlement was referred to as the "Jewish neighborhood" of Nazareth, afterwards as Kiryat Natzeret ("Town of Nazareth"). The name Nazareth Illit was adopted in 1958. In 1960, the part within the municipal boundaries of Nazareth was excised from Nazareth. The following year, Nazareth Illit was endowed with the municipal status of local council; in 1974 it was recognized as a city. In 2007, its population peaked just above forty thousand, since then the population is in decline. At its peak, 90% of the population was Jewish, now the situation is changing rapidly.
Nearby, is Biblical Nazareth. With over 80,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in the North District of Israel. Thus, it is also known as "the Arab capital of Israel," since most denizens are Palestinians. In the New Testament, the city is described as the childhood home of Jesus. Nowadays, the Basilica of the Annunciation is the main church in the city. The situation here is different, with a steady increase in the price of houses.
The comparison is awesome. An old 4-room house in Nazareth was sold in January 2012 for 700,000 NIS (roughly $200,000), while in Nazareth Illit, a 3-room house fetched merely 200,000 NIS. Moreover, all sellers in Nazareth Illit were Jewish. All buyers are Palestinians. If this continues, it won’t take long until the land of Nazareth Illit returns to its rightful owners.
The city of Nazareth is known in Hebrew as Natzeret. Natzrat is a possessive form of that name, used for example in Natzrat Illit ("Upper Nazareth"), the nearby Jewish settlement. "Tz" is the agreed transliteration for the letter "Tzadik." it sounds like a "ts" pronounced together, with no syllable break between the "t" and the "s." To avoid making this error, the inexistent couple "tz" (in English) was chosen, so that foreigners are not tempted to make a pause between the two letters. I must emphasize that the word "Nazir" is not related, it is derived from a different root meaning "monk."
The word "Nazareth" has a three letters root, N.Tz.R. It has a double meaning (that's one of the main things contributing to the Hebrew richness and compactness): "Branch" – mainly in the hereditary meaning of the word – and also "Guard." "Natzeret" is a feminine noun related to Netzer – a "branch." The term is used usually for hereditary topics, thus the following verse has a prophetic meaning:
Isaiah 11:1 And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: "Branch" appears as "Netzer" in the original, and not as the more botanical term "anaf." The text goes to describe a Man of God, very much fitting Jesus. The family of Jesus was from Nazareth and thus the text is interpreted as prophetic; the word "Netzer" is used as a way of referring to Him. Similarly, He was born in "Bethlehem" (meaning "House of Bread") another prophetic name since:
Matthew 26:26 As they did ate, Jesus took bread and gave thanks, brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said: Take, eat, this is my body.
Until now everything is simple. Making a possessive noun in Hebrew is also a human-fit task: add "i" at the end of the noun. However, a small contraction of the vowels and a fix of the last vowel into a "t" occur here leading to "Natzrati," meaning "of Nazareth."
This seems trivial, but is very important. Seldom is Jesus referred to - in Hebrew - as being "of Nazareth;" instead another term is kept for Him and His followers. The word for "Christian" in Hebrew is "Notzri." It is widely used even by the most traditional rabbis/Pharisees. This noun is conjugated from the noun "notzer" and not from "Natzrat." It is the same root, but its other meaning is used (I shall skip the linguistic analysis of how nouns are conjugated). It makes reference not to the prophetic place, but to the prophetic role. Not to Nazareth, but to the "Keeper" who is also related to a hereditary branch (descended from David). In Hebrew, a Christian is a "keeper." A keeper of what? Of the True Faith. Even the Pharisees/rabbis know their interpretation of the Scriptures is partial and false, as was taught by the Netzer, and recognized us – Christians – as the Keepers.

** Attorney General of Israel (HaYoetz HaMishpati LaMemshala, literally The Legal Advisor to the Government) is the head of the executive branch legal system. Israel’s State Attorney (in Hebrew: Praklitut Hamedinah) is the legal representative of the State of Israel in its courts.

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Tortured by Bolivia
Written despite torture—a crime against humanity—by the Bolivian Government

I have been declared a Political Prisoner of Bolivia, a country which does not respect human life. I am held in Bolivia illegitimately, violently and against my will. I am violated daily; I am denied access to safe water. Please make this public in any possible way. Before writing to me, please read 15-Day Execution Order and the Bolivia section of the website.

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